Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anyone Sick of Laughing Babies Yet?

This is Landon laughing and Eli climbing on the furniture.

This cracks me up because Landon thinks Eli is playing peek-a-boo with him, and Eli doesn't really have a clue what's going on.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

8 Months

Eli and Landon turned 8 months old on Monday and here's what they've been up to...

Developmentally, they are extremely close. One will do something new and the other will pick it up within the week normally. Even their teeth came in within a week of each other. They are crawling all over the longer to be contained. The fun has officially begun at our house. Eli is pulling up on everything he can get his hands on and likes to be standing while he's playing now. Landon is pulling up some, but not near as much. They both have two teeth on the bottom. They are both waving and saying "hi" (kind of). They both say "dad" and there's a rumor that Landon said "mama" while I was at the concert last weekend, but I have yet to hear it for myself. I think it was in the midst of his wailing and gnashing of teeth that went on for hours...sorry mom!

At this point, I think having twins is definitely an advantage for me, as they keep each other entertained for HOURS. They are more fun than ever - their personalities have really emerged and they are opposite in so many ways.

Landon is a little more laid back in general. He lets Eli take his toys away and he just gets another one. He is usually the follower when they are crawling from room to room. He doesn't care what he eats...he is more concerned with quantity rather than quality. He just wants you to shovel it in faster. He is an extremely happy baby!

Eli is a little more particular. He wants things done a certain way and he'll let you know about it. He is way more active than Landon, which I think is why he's having a hard time catching up in weight. I bet he burns twice the calories Landon does each day. Eli is also a VERY happy baby. He smiles and laughs all the time...well, as long as things are going his way.

Most days I still can't believe that this is my "job." I feel guilty sometimes that Dustin has to get up early and be gone all day and I get to stay home and play with these two monkeys, but...then we have hard days every once in a while and I don't feel so bad anymore :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guess Where We Went...

John gives the best gifts! This year, for Dustin's birthday, John took us all to the George Strait concert at the new Cowboys' stadium. It was our first real outing since Eli and Landon were born. Grammy kept the boys for us and we had a great time!

Align Center

The incredibly long line we stood in to get into the stadium

This is how close we were to the stage.
Just Kidding...this is really how close we were.

Have you ever seen so many people?

Is it just me or does Reba look like she's getting younger?
Love him!

The concert was great, the stadium was overwhelming, and the company was perfect! Thank you, John, for such a great night.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Picture Post

Here's what we've been up to...

D'Laney came to visit us. She took us to our first baseball game.

We had to leave a little early because we were tired, but we had a great time!

We made a trip to Iraan recently for Dad to help Uncle Kevin gather sheep.
It was our first time to see sheep or touch a horse. We weren't scared at all.

Here we are hanging on the same fence that our great-papa used to hang on.

Dad bought us a little swimming pool, but so far mom has only let us get in there to play with toys while she waters the garden and flowers.
Maybe someday soon she'll actually put some water in there for us.

We spend most of our days just playing together and laughing.
We sure do know how to have a good time!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Busy Angels...

I’m not referring to my babies, even though they are especially busy, which is why the angels I am referring to are busy as well. Yesterday, I was in a safety training meeting at work. Amy called me on the cell phone, not an unusual occurrence, so I just hit ignore as fast as I could to stop the ringing. A few seconds later the secretary came and said my wife was on the phone, which is unusual. I try not to get too excited when I know that Amy is excited because it could be something like a huge spider in the shower and so she can’t take a shower or the toilet exploded or something like that. When I picked up the phone I heard Amy sobbing and she said something that went like this. “Eli and Landon sob, sob , sob, fireplace, sob, sniff, sob, hurt, sob, sob, please come home.”

“Amy I didn’t understand a word you just said,” I replied. “Please sob, sob, come home?” her voice a little more desperate. “OK, I’m on my way.”

And so I hurried home expecting to find blood and mangled bodies. Instead I found Amy sitting in the living room floor with Eli and Landon chattering to each other like it was the best day of their lives. Well, you could tell they had been crying but all seemed well now. In front of them laid the gas heater that is supposed to be mounted into our wall. Amy explained to me what had happen. We have a pallet, which consist of a couple of layers of blankets, in our living floor in front of the heater for our boys to play on. Amy had just changed their diapers and went to throw them away in the kitchen and to get herself a beverage. While she was filling the glass with ice she heard a huge crash coming from the living room and then screams.

As she ran into the living room she found babies trapped under the heater which had toppled over. She pulled the heater up and Landon crawled out but Eli’s foot had gotten caught under a piece of the stone that somehow fell out. The strange thing about it is that the piece of stone came from the opposite corner of where it landed on the floor. And if it weren’t for this piece of stone and the plastic wipes box, our boys would have been crushed by this cast iron heater which easily weights 100 pounds. How the stone ended up where it did, makes me wonder if the good Lord was answering the prayer I pray every day to keep Eli and Landon safe and healthy. The only injury was Eli’s foot but by the time I got there he was already bouncing around on it. The video Amy posted this morning was actually taken just a couple hours after this all happened so you can see that they are coping well with the trauma.

Fun with a plastic bag...

The boys and I were hanging out in their room while I cleaned out their closet and drawers of clothes or baby items they have outgrown. Eli and Landon were being very helpful (translation: getting into everything and making progress very difficult). So when they found a plastic bag to play with...I couldn't bring myself to take it away. They had more fun with that silly bag than any toy to date.

(Sorry for the really bad filming)

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