Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Camp 2010

We spent all of last week at we do every June.

I have such a love/hate relationship with camp...especially the last two years with the addition of Eli and Landon into the mix. I love being with Dustin's family for the week. I hate the heat. I love watching Eli and Landon run around and have fun. I hate being off our schedule (read: cranky boys). I love all of the Bible study, worship, and fellowship. I hate that I miss most of it because Eli and Landon don't want to sit still 4 hours a day (imagine that). I love not having to cook or clean for a week. I hate when we have air conditioning and sewer problems in the camper. I love being around great friends for a week. I hate sweating.

I think you get the point.

Despite all of that...the love always wins out and I find myself wishing it weren't over quite so soon...the time just flies by.

So, without further ado, I present: Eli and Landon's Highlights from Pecos River Family Encampment 2010.

Nemo got us a little red wagon. We loved being able to climb in and out and ride all over the camp in this thing. (Mom only got a little tired pulling us all over the place).

We ate.

Mom was worried about there not being enough chairs for all of the babies, so Dad engineered this little ditty for us. We just had to be careful because if one of us got out...there was a dangerous see-saw effect!

We could not keep our hands off of Mr. Neil's "car" as we called it. If we spotted this thing anywhere around...we made a run for it. Here we are driving Miss Daisy Avery.

This was the scene at night and most nights we ended up with this exact view. I don't know why mom wouldn't let us yell and scream in there and always brought us to the back !?

We spent most mornings and free time down here at the rock pit. It was the hangout for all of the two and under crowd.

In the afternoons, we swam. Here we are with Madison and Brynna.

We also went down to watch the kids during recreation. These are a few of our favorite people!

Family picture

We ate a LOT of ice cream. We love Nemo because she denies us nothing!

We often at breakfast on the run because we slept so late.

We got a lot of attention from the pretty girls.

We loved Bible Class (as long as Mom, Dad, or Nemo stayed with us the whole time).

We led singing with Dad several times.

And we rode in the wagon with Avery a few times.

We watched the bigger kids play Pillow Polo.

We laughed at all of Heath and Hunter's jokes.

We helped Seth fix the sprinklers (as in...we played in the water and got soaking wet).

We ate more ice cream.

We watched movies in the camper when the heat was just too much.

Eva came to visit us and that made mom really happy!

We spent a LOT of time with Nemo.

We ate watermelon (are you seeing a trend here?)

We played with Uncle Lance.

We rode in the wagon some more.

And played with our friends in the rock pit again.

We went everywhere with Dad.

We played in the water. Mom was only slightly concerned about thirty kids all slip and sliding at the same time. Somehow, no one suffered a concussion.

We watched Uncle Lance in the talent show.

By the end of the week, we were leading singing like old pros.

We had a really great time at camp. We don't understand mom. What's not to love?
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