Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Water Babies

If there is one thing that we have done this summer, it's play in the water. Eli and Landon love to play in the water and it keeps everyone cool, so we do it almost every day. Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Here we are at the splash pad. It has water shooting out of the ground, showering down from big poles, and pouring out of buckets. It takes Eli and Landon a little while to warm up to it, but they like it once they get used to it. It seems to me like it would be a wonderland for an almost-two-year-old.

They are very easily distracted by snacks, so we spend a lot of time sitting in the shade, eating goldfish crackers and sipping on a capri sun.

On the days that I don't have the energy to get all of our swimming paraphanalia together, we just play in the backyard. We fill up their little pool or put a sprinkler head on the hose and we just play at home.

They both love to drink the water that leaks out from the hose connection. Silly boys.

Dustin and I recently bought the boys a slip-n-slide. Best.Eight.Dollars.Ever.Spent.

Landon had a good idea to fill up his dump truck. It was all going fine until Eli took it away from him.

We also go swimming with our good friends, the Poseys, every once in a while. The boys got new life jackets and it has revolutionized the way we enjoy the pool. I no longer have to hold both of them up at all times. It is SO much easier. They can be pretty independent with these Puddle Jumpers.

Even baths have been a lot more fun lately. Eli and Landon request bubbles at every single bath and have a great time playing until they are prunes. I love bathtime.

Well, that's just a touch of what we've been up to. Eli and Landon really seem to be growing and changing every single day. Not so much physically, but very much so developmentally. I just don't know when they grew up so much!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Housekeeping Tip

Tip #1: Don't feel any pressure to sweep that food up immediately. Leaving food on the floor after mealtime has many advantages.

*If you leave it for a few hours, it allows the food to harden enough to make the sweeping process a breeze. If you try to sweep too soon...the food is still moist and it just rolls around on the floor and makes a bigger mess.

*Leaving the food on the floor a little longer ensures that your children get enough to eat. They are welcome to stop by and have a bite at their leisure.

* This also minimizes the amount of time you spend sweeping....especially if you just wait until after the next meal.

Be careful not to leave the food on too long as this can cause some problems. You'll have to scrape it off of the floor before it can be swept up. Not only is this totally gross, but let's be honest, who wants to bend over? That takes way too much energy.

I just thought I'd share a few housekeeping tricks I have up my sleeve. Tune in next time when we discuss: Is it really necessary to wash the highchair trays after every meal/snack?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We're Famous!

Well...maybe that's stretching it, but we are being featured on the Multiples and More blog today!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

This one is for Papa

(Please ignore my obnoxious voice.)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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