Thursday, July 7, 2011

No News Is Good News

 Yes, I know it's been a while. Time flies when....your life is complete chaos. My children and home take exactly 100% of my time and energy these days and even then, I still can't seem to stay on top of things around here. At any given time, something has to be sacrificed for the sake of survival. But things are so, so good.

Harper is doing wonderful! At her appointment last Tuesday, Dr. Robinson told us that she was ready to "go run and play." We were thrilled to hear that she has recovered so beautifully and we were also excited to hear that we can resume life as a normal family....even leaving the house together (gasp!).

Here is Harper with Dr. Robinson. I have a special place in my heart for this man because he has taken such good care of Harper these past few months. He is very gentle, very understanding, and very concerned for his patients.

So upon getting released from house arrest, we immediately attended a swim party for two of our little friends at church. Unfortunately, these are the only pictures I got. Eli and Landon sure enjoyed themselves!

Eli and Landon have gotten to do a lot of swimming lately, thanks to some sweet friends at church. Here they are anxiously awaiting Rance and Alissa, who picked them up to go to the splash pad.

Harper is an absolute joy. That is just all there is to it.  The latest news on Harper is that she is finally rid of the feeding tube. She isn't doing stellar, but she is at least taking the bare minimum she needs to by mouth. I'm ready to go back to the doctor and she how much she weighs tomorrow. I hope she's getting enough calories to start gaining some weight!

We finally got to go to church together as a family. Harper got to meet so many people who have been praying for her and it was fun to finally show her to the world. 

Harper also got to experience her first two fireworks displays. She slept through both of them!

We had SO much fun on the fourth of July. Ross and D'Ann invited us to be in the parade with them. It was our first time to even attend the parade and I wasn't quite prepared for what was in store for us. Most of the town is IN the parade. There are really no's a free for all. Scooters, golf carts, go carts, Gators, horses, tractors, lawn mowers...if it is a mode of transportation, it was probably represented in Snyder's big parade.

We had a good time decorating the Gator and we had an even better time riding, waving, and throwing candy.

A BIG thank you to Ross and D'Ann for sharing all of the fun with us!

So that's what we've been up to. I have good intentions of writing and sharing things here. Eli and Landon do so many funny things these days and there is so much I want to remember...there just aren't enough hours in the day.

My new mission is to get one family picture. We haven't taken even one snapshot of the five of us together since Harper was born and I'm quite distraught about it. We'll work on that and maybe I can share that with you soon.
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