Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Picture Post

I haven't been keeping up with pictures on here very well, so here are some recent ones.

The boys in their weird positions

As of Monday, Eli is officially off his apnea monitor. I'm so glad they picked that thing up. We haven't hooked him up to it in over a month and I'm sick of paying for it.

Landon thinks he's all grown up now holding his own bottle.

I am so in love with these two!




Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Year

This day last year our lives were changed forever. After over a week of suspecting that I might be pregnant, we finally got a test and verified it. We were at my mom's house and even though I thought I might be, it was still a shock to know for sure. I immediately started's just what I do. Dustin just grinned from ear to ear. I had never seen him so happy. My shock quickly turned into pure joy and I will never forget the feeling of sitting in the midst of family who didn't know yet, holding Dustin's hand, and the peace I felt knowing that something very important was going on inside of me.

We were living in a different city, renting our home, Dustin was working a not-so-stable job with no benefits, and I was teaching. I immediately began to wonder how we would ever make it. Here we are in a smaller town, we bought our first home, Dustin has a good job with good benefits, we have two healthy boys, I am able to stay at home, and I have never been happier. What a difference a year can make. What blessings this past year has brought us!!

Here is a video of Katelyn making Landon laugh. I don't know how anyone could watch this and not smile.

By the way...went to the doctor last week. Eli weighs 11 pounds, 12 ounces and Landon weighs 13 pounds, 10 ounces. Both boys are very healthy and look great. The RSV rumor is true and we will continue to stay home on into April. Just a few more weeks!

Happy Monday to you all...what's left of it. I'm off to bed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

There is good news...

And then there is bad news.

We'll start with the good. Six weeks later...I am finally the proud owner of a brand new computer/touchpad for my dishwasher and it is running as we speak (or type...or read). It was fixed on Friday and while I have a lot to say on the demise of customer service and good business...I'll spare you because I know no one cares. I'll just say NOT get a policy with Land America Home Warranty and do NOT call Snyder Appliance to fix your appliances. It's funny how all of the bitterness and anger just went away as soon as I heard the rumble of the heavy wash cycle. I do love that machine.

But with the good comes the bad and it seems as though my fears have come to fruition and it will indeed be an extra long RSV season keeping us in even longer than we thought. The clinic where we receive the RSV shot every month keeps up with all cases of RSV in West Texas: Abilene, Midland, San Angelo, Lubbock, etc.. Apparently RSV had really started dying down and then all of a sudden, just skyrocketed again and it is as bad now as it was at the peak of RSV season back in December/January. So anyone with small children should be careful, but we must still be extra careful and stay in this safe bubble of our home.

I know it's worth it, but that doesn't make it any less depressing. The boys have a doctor appointment this Thursday, so we'll see what he says about it I guess.

Okay, Okay...on to the pictures.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thoughts from this momma...

on blogging...

Sorry it's been so long! I'm kind of busy most days. I am mostly busy soaking up this time with Eli and Landon. They are just absolutely delightful these days and I know that when I look back on this time on down the road...I will never wish I had blogged more, but I might wish that I had spent more time with my babies, so that's what I do :)

on my babies...

some days I think this is the cutest baby in the world...

then some days I think this is the cutest baby in the world...

then some days, I just resolve myself to the fact that I don't have to figure it out. I definitely have the number one and the number two cutest babies in the world and it doesn't necessarily matter which is which :)

on the economy...

The economy has taken it's toll on our family much like every other American family. We have had to make changes in our lifestyle just like everyone else, but to be honest, I like it better this way. I am much more aware of where our money is going. I am making small changes in the way I shop for and use food and household products. I shop sales, I cut coupons, I have cut down on the amount I waste, I turn lights off, I unplug things, I just generally try to be more aware and less wasteful. And you know's fulfilling.

Dustin works very hard to provide for our family. He gets up at hours I didn't know existed. He works long, long days. He comes home exhausted and he still helps me with the babies and around the house and absolutely never complains.

I want to be a good steward of the material blessings that have been bestowed upon us. I want to take the hard-earned money that Dustin has worked for and make it go as far as possible. My job is to take care of our home and our family and if I can save $30 at the grocery store just by taking a little time to plan...that is the same as going out and making $3o at a job. It is a way I can contribute to our finances and it makes me feel good.

And while this "economic crises" has been tragic for some, I feel like it has been a positive thing for our country. I've seen plenty of stories on the news of how families are dealing in their own way. In our recent past, this country has become more and more materialistic and less and less moral. And now, as we face these hard time, parents are having to tell their children "no" for the very first time. Families are having to find less expensive forms of entertainment like...spending time together playing board games (gasp!). People are re-prioritizing and realizing that there are more important things than designer clothes, mansions, and new cars.

So if hard times are what it takes for this nation to make a return to family, then I welcome them. I'm not so naive to think that this is going to make a big change in our world, but any step we can make in the right direction, no matter how small, is still significant.

On babies that don't sleep with me anymore...

So, I finally made the decision to move Eli and Landon to their own separate beds in their own room last week. It has been a little traumatic for me, but they have been sleeping better than ever since the move. The bassinet/playpen they were sharing in our room was getting too small and things were getting violent in there. They would be hitting each other, kicking each other in the head, poking each other in the eye, rolling on top of each other...pretty much inflicting any injury that is possible with two babies who are quite active. So I cleaned all of the clothes and blankets out of their cribs and we made the move. The first two nights, I might have gone in and made a little noise so they would wake up and have to come sleep in our bed. But by the third night, we were all adjusting. It's been over a week now and while I miss them terribly at night, we all sleep much better.

That's about enough for one post. Until next time...

Oh and...Happy five month birthday to Eli and Landon on Sunday!! These boys are growing up way too fast!

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