Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This is my life

I'm sorry for taking so long to update. Last Friday was the last day of school and I had to turn over my laptop, so I've been sort of disconnected this past week.

I went back to the Houston doctor Monday and he says everything looks about the same. That is a good thing because we really need to get past the next couple of weeks so that it will be safer to do the surgery. I am at 15 weeks right now and he mentioned the time frame of 20 weeks, but he really can't predict when exactly things will get to the point of needing the surgery.

This morning, I went to see my doctor and had another ultrasound. Over the past week, the little baby has gained a centimeter of fluid, which means we're moving in a positive direction instead of getting worse and we are very thankful for that! God truly answers prayers and He is taking care of us. The sweet sonographer made Dustin a DVD of the babies for me to take to him so he isn't missing out on everything. She just had twins herself 7 months ago and she treats us so well! I know that I am not the first woman to ever experience pregnancy, but it is new to me and it is such an amazing experience. To see them each week and watch them develop before my eyes is just indescribable. To look at their pictures and think about how they are growing inside of me is overwhelming. It makes me amazed that anyone could doubt the presence of God.

I got to go see Dustin last week which was good for the heart! It was a lot of driving and a short visit, but much needed. Hopefully we'll manage to see each other on the weekends somehow and not have to spend more than a week apart at a time. The people at the church there in Snyder have been wonderful- praying for us, inviting Dustin over, offering to unpack our boxes, taking us out to eat... I'm so thankful he has met such nice people to spend time with - I hate to think of him there by himself.

As far as I go, I finished up the school year and between doctor's visits and driving, I've gotten a lot of rest, eaten a lot of good food, watched several movies, and done a little shopping. Sounds rough, right? I'm trying to just take care of myself and keep somewhat busy to keep my mind off of everything. Without a house to unpack/decorate and a husband to cook for and take care of and without a job or hobby to speak of, it might make for a long few months. I've been really lucky to have a best friend who not only is letting me live with her, but has been to every appointment with me and spends all her days hanging out with me. I know it will be short lived as she probably needs to get on with her own life, but it sure has been nice! Thanks, Eva!

This has truly been a humbling experience so far and I want to thank all of you for the emails, phone calls, words of encouragement, success stories, offers to help, and especially the prayers. It means more to us than you may ever know that so many are willing to share in this with us and help us along. We are so blessed.

We continue to pray for strength, understanding, and God's careful watch over our babies.

My next appointment is next Wednesday in Houston and I will try to not be so long in posting.

Until next week...

Amy, Dustin, & the boys

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