Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy July!

It's been a while, so I'll start with a baby update...

My last two appointments have gone well. Both babies are doing well and are growing - just at different rates. While there is a size difference...there is nothing that would indicate a need for intervention at this point. The doctors thought that by this point in time, the situation would have declared itself, but we are still sitting about the same place we were six weeks ago which is great! The best part about it is that they have made arrangements for me to be monitored weekly in Lubbock instead of Houston so that I can go be with Dustin in Snyder. Of course, at the first sign of a shift in the situation, I'll have to come back to Houston, but in the meantime, I can go be with my husband and start getting ready for these boys. I have one last appointment in College Station tomorrow morning with my doctor here and then I go see a whole new set of doctors in Lubbock in about a week and a half. I also learned on Monday that the laser surgery is only done between weeks 16 and 26, so I have about six more weeks before I am not eligible for that and a different type of intervention will have to be done. We are just taking one week at a time and giving thanks for every good report we receive.

Between doctor's visits, I have been to Snyder, Pecos River Family Encampment, a wedding of two really good friends, an Astros game, and spent time with best friends who I haven't seen in a while. I am ready to go see Dustin tomorrow and try to establish some sort of normalcy in my life again - whatever that means. I also couldn't be more excited that this weekend is the 4th of July - one of my favorite holidays. I love any opportunity to cook out, spend time with friends and family, eat homemade ice cream, and play games. Watching fireworks is just an added bonus!

I have a lot of pictures from the last couple of months, but I'll have to work on those later.

I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday weekend.




Kendra said...

so glad things are going well! do you guys have names for the boys yet?


Amy Holifield said...

I'm so glad you get to go home. Now you'll have time to make that house home. And better yet, you'll only be 45 minutes from us!! BTW, D'Laney says hi and to hurry and come see her!

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