Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby Shower!

Last weekend we went to Iraan for a baby shower they threw for us. I remember being completely overwhelmed by the generosity of the people out there when they had a wedding shower for us and this was no different. Everything was wonderful - the decorations, the food, the company, and I have just never seen so many gifts! I guess it is one of those things you just don't understand until you experience it...just how much it means for people to be so willing to help out when they see a need and to celebrate with you in the joy of a new baby...or babies in our case. I am completely humbled by their generosity and it is quite an understatement to say that we would not be able to do this on our own. So thank you to all the women in Sheffield and Iraan who gave so willingly of your time and means to help us out. We love you!

I didn't get any pictures at the shower, but a huge thank you to Keva, a sweet friend and very talented photographer for taking lots of pictures for us!

So Sunday night, we got home late and unloaded and this is what my living room has looked like since...

We got so many cute things and adorable outfits! Look at these precious burp cloths -

We also got all of our baby furniture in this week (Thank you Randy and Neva!) and so maybe we can start to put a nursery together. I can't believe how close we are getting. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and we get to see how big these boys are. We're hoping they are getting close to three pounds.
Here are a few more pictures, except I can't remember when they were taken. They were all within the last few weeks though. Why do I look so stupid in all of these pictures? It's kind of awkward taking pictures by yourself and turned to the side, so cut me a little slack.

And I wanted to show you the front of this shirt. My dear friend Elizabeth sent this to me right after we found out we were having twins. I always get lots of comments on this one! What's funny is that is exactly how they are positioned right now.

I'll update tomorrow after my appointment. Thanks for checking in on us!
The Grigsbys


Keva said...

oh, these pictures of you are sooo cute. You have the cutest little twin tummy ever! It sure makes me want to take some photos of ya! You coming back to the big I before the boys arrive? How far is it to your casa? I've had a sick one and haven't touched your shower pics, but I will soon...I promise.

Crystal said...

I love your cute shirt, ask your friend where I can get one.

It was great to see you at the shower. Hope everything goes well, and we are keeping you in our prayers.

ginger said...

Dear Amy and Dustin,
Calvin and I are thinking of you and your little ones daily. We know God has blessed Eli and Landon with such a special family- to-be parents. look so cute - "as a button"!
Take care and call if you need anything.

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