Monday, October 5, 2009

A Little Randomness

We've really had quite a bit going on lately.

For starters...last Thursday, October 1st, Eli and Landon got their first haircut. A friend of ours helped me cut it and taught me how as she did it. The boys did great. They weren't scared and they didn't cry. It's amazing how much older they look without that mullet that was developing.



That same day, we also had the first of several birthday parties. The Posey family won't be here for the boys' birthday, so they brought a party to us Thursday. They brought chocolate cupcakes for everyone and a big present for the boys. Eli and Landon got bubbles, bubble bath, new books, John Deere tractors, and a big bouncy ball! It was so sweet of them to help us celebrate!

Here are the boys enjoying their very first cupcakes:



I think they liked it!

We are officially into our birthday week. I'm really struggling with the reality that my babies are one year old. This time is just passing too quickly.

Here are a few other pictures from that last week:


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Matt Hall said...

Jana showed me your blog. I love seeing Eli and Landon, they are such cute boys! Really makes me excited about what Jana and I have coming up!

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