Sunday, May 30, 2010

This I Love

I love my handsome boys.

I love welcoming a new, precious life into this world.

I love Noah.

I love when my boys try to squeeze into one little car…even though they have two.

I love cupcakes.

I love spending my days in the backyard playing in a tiny swimming pool.

I love when Dustin comes home for lunch to see us.

I love that we have suffered long and hard the past three weeks as each of my children have cut eight teeth. If you’re really into math, you might know that means sixteen teeth. Crazy. But that’s not the part I love.
I love that it’s over! (There were a few days that all Eli and Landon ate all day long was a popsicle.)

I love mini vacations with Dustin and our boys. 

I love this guy.

I love weddings!

I love Lance.

I love my in-laws!

I love Amy.

 I love seeing friends and not having any of our (combined) 5 children around, so actually getting to have a conversation!

I love watching my boys have fun.

And oh do I ever love my handsome boys.

I pretty much love my life!

What do you love?


The Boyd Gang said...

I love your post! I may have to make a post about all the things I love!

Jana Hall said...

This is so cute!! It made me smile!! I love looking at all your pictures and think about the fun that is upcoming in my life!

Starkye said...

I love all of your loves!! And I am missing those 2 blonde-headed boys!

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