Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hospital Day 2

Things have calmed down quite a bit and Harper is doing really well. She was pretty heavily sedated all day yesterday and last night, but they stopped those drugs this morning to allow her to wake up a little and get off the ventilator. They came in about 30 minutes ago and took out the breathing tube, so Harper is breathing all on her own now. She is on a high-flow nasal cannula for a little extra help and they'll move her down to a low-flow when she's ready.

Harper is currently in heart block, meaning the natural rhythm of her heart hasn't returned. This is totally normal and expected right after surgery, but we just hope it comes back. It is a possibility that part of the electrical part of her heart was damaged during surgery...something that just couldn't be helped. They will give her some time (up to a week from what I understand) for her heart to start firing correctly, but if it doesn't come back, she will have a permanent pace-maker put in place. This won't effect too much, but it will be something that has to be maintained for the rest of her life. I will be happy to maintain a pace-maker if that is the only lasting consequence from all of this.

Side note: I try to understand/explain things the best I can, but I'm only a stressed out momma with no medical training, so most of what I say is probably flawed.

The next few days will be all about getting rid of things. The ventilator, IV lines, chest tubes, medications, pace-maker, catheter, etc... The more Harper's body can do on its own, the better.

Dustin and I are doing well. I can't exactly explain the relief it is to know this is behind us. We have just been so very, very blessed.

Pictures from yesterday were pretty graphic, but here's one today that's a little easier to handle:

Thank you for being part of the healing of Harper's heart through your constant prayers and encouragement to us. We don't even have a way to express just how thankful we are.


Anonymous said...

Amy, your sweet princess is so precious! Thank you so much for the updates...I'm sure it's a lot on your brain and heart to try to relay these things, but hearing your reports is such an encouragement and helps me to know more specifics about praying. <3, bethany anne

D'Ann said...

So great to get your report. I think you are a calm mom with a lot of medical patience. You have done a marvelous job of taking care of Harper pre surgery. Thanks for letting us be part of the healing!

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