Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eli & Landon's 3rd Baseball Party

Life has been so busy that I haven't even had time to get all sentimental about how my boys turned 3 years old a couple weeks ago. Time really does just speed by and it seems the older I get, the faster it goes. You probably know by now how I love parties. And Eli and Landon have kind of had a rough hasn't exactly been all about them around here lately, which made me want to have a big party even more. They also LOVE baseball, so I thought why not have a big baseball game, grill some hot dogs, eat some cupcakes, and have fun?

So we reserved a baseball field here in town and we had ourselves a party planned. Bonus points for not having to decorate much since it was outside.

side note: it hasn't rained in Snyder in over a year.

It POURED from early in the morning until late at night. And even though I was a little disappointed, we were all much more grateful for the blessing of rain. We need it so desperately.

Because of the rain, we had to move the party indoors and we didn't get to play baseball after all. A sweet friend offered to let us use their "party barn", so that's just what we did.

Basically, the party was high blood pressure, anxiety, and a headache all rolled into a few hours, but I think the boys had a lot of fun with their much that they are still talking about it. I love that.

Here are a few pictures from the party.

(Can you tell how effective my "no presents necessary" was?) If presents are any indicator of how much a child is loved, my boys are very, very, very loved.  And we are so thankful!

Look...I was actually at the party. I'm kind of bummed that we didn't get a family picture, but oh well!

Can I just say that a pinata at a three year old birthday party is NOT a good idea...especially an indoor party. There were some pretty nervous parents in the room at this point.

Grammy, G-Pa, Kristin, Madison, Katelyn, Chip, Eva, Nemo, Papa, Lance, Kathy, Shawn, Cameron, Amy, D'Laney, and Brynna all came from out of town to help us celebrate. It always makes me feel so loved for our family to drive all this way to see us.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest boys this world has ever known! We're two weeks into it and I can officially report that the behavior of three year olds really is worse than two year olds. It will get better. It will get better. It will get better. (This is my mantra right now).


Kathi said...

You mean to tell me that I beat Elizabeth's comment?? smiling... I hope you're happy sliz....:-)
love the post Amy.... We loved sharing the boys big day...even if it was raining. love you all.
love, Grammy

Elizabeth said...

LoL kathi!!!! i was just thinking, "suh weet! i'm gonna be the first to comment!" i am SO, SO jealous that we didn't get our combined birthday party. you tell those boys that i'm expecting to celebrate with them in years to come! and i want a pinata, too.

Elizabeth said...

and don't think that i didn't notice that you included chip in that list of PEOPLE who came to the party. i also noticed that he ranked higher than eva AND kathy!! LoL!! silly dog.

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