Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sweet September

So the next big thing wasn't just was really, really big. It was huge. My sister, Kristin, got married to someone so terribly perfect for her, it's crazy. Chris and Kristin seem to compliment each other in just about every way. He makes her so, so happy and that makes me so, so happy! Kristin waited a long time to find Chris and I really and truly couldn't be happier for them.

They got married on September 8th in downtown McKinney at Rick's Chophouse. It was a super small wedding with just immediate family and very close friends. It was intimate and personal and detailed and just perfect. Weddings are my favorite type of events because it brings family together like almost nothing else can. It's great to have so many people you love in one place at the same time.

I have waaaayyy too many pictures and I'm cramming them all in one post, in no particular order. There are pictures from showers, rehearsal, and wedding, and they're all mixed together. I'm way too lazy to sort them all out. Enjoy!

This is my child sliding down the grand staircase. It's almost sad how my first reaction to everything is to take a picture before any discipline or correction can take place. 

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Heather said...

So glad you are blogging again! It's the only way I get to keep up with all of your adventures! Miss ya'll!

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