Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

Just a few pictures from our weekend...

We kicked off the weekend with dinner guests on Friday night. Eric, Crystal, and their sweet daughter, Zoey came to visit. The adults had a great time eating and talking and the kids had a blast playing together. We are so thankful they drove from Abilene to see us!

I love how Zoey knows how to pose for a picture. She even says "cheese"...precious. 

 Who can believe we got all three to sit and look in one direction?

It didn't last long!

We had to get out of the house after Dustin painted Saturday morning because the fumes were reeeeally bad.

We got to spend the whole day with Dad, the weather was beautiful, mom got to do a little shopping, and we played outside most of the day on Saturday. Could life get any better than that?


We had never seen a giraffe "bend down" before.

 I was making mom very nervous trying to climb through the fence.

 Our favorite part of the day was climbing up and down these steps. We could have stayed here for hours.

What a fun weekend! Hope yours was great as well!


ENutter said...

ohhhhhhh! i love it!!!

Starkye said...

Great pictures!

Jess said...

I had so much fun getting caught up on your last few posts - I was behind! Can't believe how big they are getting. They are as cute as ever, and I'm so glad you are all doing so well! :)

Eva said...

First of all I'm kind of hurt that our trip to Wonder World hasn't made it on here. Second, I need an update and I'm sure your mom would like one too! :)

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