Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vacation Part II

I'd love to tell you about Thanksgiving and post all our pictures, but I left my camera in I'll continue on with our vacation and come back to Thanksgiving at a later date. It was great though!

After we left Iraan, we headed to College Station. On our way through Austin we met up with my best friend from high school, Erin and had dinner. I LOVE that girl!

In College Station, we spent a few nights with some good friends, Chris and Jenny and we got to visit a lot of people we haven't seen since before the boys were born. The congregation there was having a gospel meeting with John Hall, so that made it even better! We planned every day around meals, visited as many people as we could, saw my friend Sue in the nursing home, stayed up way too late talking and playing 42, and had an all around great time!

This is the one and only picture I took the whole three days in College Station:

After College Station, we headed to San Marcos to see Eva, Kathryn, and Andy. There are a ton of things to do around that area, but Eli and Landon are a bit young for most of it, so the one full day we spend there, we took the boys to Wonderworld Park. I guess the joke around those parts is the park is named that because you wonder why you went. But for two one year old boys, it was the perfect activity.

Here is Wonderworld Park in pictures:

(disclaimer: we don't generally dress like hobos. Our wardrobe is brought to you in part by and'


Basically, the "park" consists of riding a little train into a small wildlife park on the other side of this mountain.

Feeding the deer:

They tried to get into the train car with us. They were definitely not scared of us.

Me and Eva

So I remember giving Dustin the camera, posing, and smiling for a picture with Eva, but somehow it never got taken...could have been the cameraman's fault...but either way...these are the only pictures of Eva, who graciously guided us around San Marcos and photographed the day.

We left the park and met John for lunch on the river.

We headed back to Iraan that night and then returned home to work a few days on the house. Hopefully I'll get to show you my new bathroom floor very soon.

This week may not seem at all exciting to anyone else, but I had a great time traveling with Dustin and the boys and seeing so many of our friends. It was nice to just be together the whole week. Eli and Landon did amazingly well the whole trip. They were totally flexible with their schedules and happy in the car. It makes me so excited to take family trips in the future when we can do things that they will really enjoy.

A big "thank you" to Chris and Jenny as well as Kathryn and Andy for their hospitality and general tolerance of me and my children - we can be a lot to handle at times!

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Kathi said...

love the disclaimer.....laughing..
Great post. I think the boys are getting blonder. Glad you had a great time in South Texas. You have so many more trips to look forward to. love you

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