Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Catching Up

Neva was so sweet to mail me my camera, so here are a few pictures from several weeks ago:

Eli and Landon love their rocking horses. They actually have three horses and they will spend a significant amount of time rotating around getting on and off each horse. It's quite comical. 

Eli likes to throw his head back when he rides.

Bath time

Playing in the dirt.

Watching the Iraan Braves in the playoffs

The rest of the pictures are from Thanksgiving:

Eli sitting on Amy (well...more like sitting on Brynna). Brynna was born today and we are so excited for Cameron and Amy!

Well...that catches us up. I'm going to get busy taking new pictures now.


ENutter said...

you're really getting good at taking pictures!!

ENutter said...

i have a video of them on their rocking chairs from when i was there. i'm gonna see if i can email it to you right now!

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