Friday, February 19, 2010

Just Me Droning On Again...

I know it's been too long, but it's been a good kind of too long. The kind of too long that means I've been so busy living my life and loving it that I haven't had time to write about it. But we'll do a rewind of the last two weeks real fast...

The church here has a dinner each year honoring the older people who are single. It's around Valentine's day and it's a sit-down banquet catered by the the women of the church and served by the high school students. It was our first time to attend and it was a lot of fun to get ready for and go to!

We made Valentine cookies for the banquet. Eli and Landon helped by sleeping through the whole blessed event. I admire those moms who bake with their one year olds, but you certainly won't catch me doing it! I'm a little too much of a control freak.

Eli and Landon have been really busy leaving me surprises in all the right places.

Hanger in the toilet...just what I was hoping for!

They are always sticking stuff in the dryer while I am changing the loads over. I have really tried to keep a close eye on what goes in, but this one slipped by me. A book went through the whole drying cycle and didn't fare so well in there.

They are still leading singing throughout the day:

And they are just as adorable as ever!

Neva asked if the boys could come stay with her for a couple of days, so I took the opportunity to go visit Eva. We literally shopped for two days straight only breaking for delicious meals and good movies. It was SO much fun. 

Today was one of those days...the kind you wish you could have every day. There was nothing significant or special about this day, just a normal "I love my life" kind of day. I got showering/hair/makeup done all before noon, which is an accomplishment in and of itself. It was semi-warm (read: not freezing/snowing/raining). We met Dustin and a friend from church for a delicious lunch. The boys and I ran errands, went to Wal-Mart, got a car wash and a happy hour Dr. Pepper, and came home. The boys took an extra long nap. Dustin and I took Eli and Landon to the park as soon as he got home from work to enjoy the last hour of daylight. We had leftovers for dinner which means no cooking and little clean up. Then Dustin and I worked on different projects around the house while the boys played together. And we watched the Olympics in the midst of all of that. I mean...does it get any better?

We have dinner guests coming tomorrow, a small group for dinner on Saturday, overnight guests Saturday night, worship Sunday morning, and then we are taking the kids from church out of town Sunday afternoon, so we have a busy few days ahead of us. I love this kind of busy though!

Hope you all have a happy weekend!


Kathi said... were up late last night!!!!!..... when do you ever sleep. Love the post....and although I couldn't wait for one....I also know you're living a life that is ultra busy with very good things. I love you all...

Jana Hall said...
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Jana Hall said...

Your post made me smile! I will remember everything you wrote tonight as I am up at the 3 AM feeding and EXHAUSTED...remembering this wont last forever. Your boys are so adorable! I wished we lived closer together for us to get our boys together and for me to buy their clothes! They are always dressed so CUTE!

Kristin said...

The hanger in the potty is the best. I have been very lucky(knock on wood) that mine have never put anything in there. Although I have to admit that Reef loves to play with the water and any chance he can get is actually dunking his head in the toliet. I wonder some times about him... :) Your boys are getting so big and are just adorable. Talk to you later.

Chey-Anne Smart said...

Can you put your cookie recipe on your blog? They were really cute.

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