Sunday, February 28, 2010

Have You No Regard For My Nerves?

This past week was a little rough for the Grigsby family.

Last Sunday, we took some of the teens from church ice skating. Just a few minutes into it, one of the boys fell on the ice and broke his leg. It was a bad break and the latest news I heard is possible surgery or a cast for up to four months. I really hate that this happened...I wish we could just rewind to Sunday afternoon and start over. I think we'll choose safer activities like bowling or putt-putt in the future. Anyway...please say a prayer for Kevin and his parents as this has consumed their lives for the past week and they are just getting started on the long road to recovery.

Tuesday morning, Landon fell from his chair at breakfast. After a full body search, I discovered his right ring finger was swollen and black and blue on the bottom only minutes after the fall. The phone conversation to Dustin went something like this:

Amy: Dustin, I am pretty sure Landon just broke his finger.
Dustin: Aren't baby bones like rubber?
Amy: Okay....that's not helpful. Please come home.

The bruising was a lot worse that what it looks like in this picture.
Upon arrival home, Dustin was quick to agree that yes, the finger appeared broken. So to the doctor we went. After a significant part of the day spent at the doctor's office and hospital for x-rays, it was determined that the finger was, in all probability, broken. The doctor couldn't tell for sure by the x-rays, but his exact words were, "just by looking at the finger...I can't imagine that it's not broken." The bones in Landon's finger were still all aligned correctly, so the doctor just taped it to the next finger and sent us on our merry way. I'm quite certain that this will just be the first of many hospital visits to come!

I thought for sure that we had paid our dues for the week, but then Thursday, Landon dropped a large can of vegetables on his foot, cut his toe open (through his sock), and I was afraid had a broken toe. Since the incident, he has been walking fine, so I think everything is going to be okay.

Hence the title of this post... I'm not sure how long my nerves can take all of these injuries. Falls, scrapes, bruises, and bleeding seem to be a daily occurrence at our house and I have a feeling that the frequency and severity of our injuries will only be increasing. Some days I wonder if I was really cut out for boys. Especially the kind of boys that thrive on danger.

Here are a few pictures of my sweet dare-devils.


Kathi said...

I am still laughing at their pics. They look like *trouble*. I'll keep you in my prayers... make me laugh....I hope you're not offended by that. I love you all equally.

Kathi said...

Although I am amused at their mischievious nature. I am sorry about the broken finger and your scary trip to the ice skating rink. love you

Cheree Tate said...

I can't imagine a better mother to those daring (and DARLING) boys! NO ONE could be a better mother to those boys than you, as shown by the precious gift that God has given you in TWO of them! I must say I am a bit jealous at times! ;) Things will get better and harder and easier and more fun! Makes NO sense, but true! You are doing a PHENOMENAL job! I hope I am just like you when I grow up!!!! :)

Crystal said...

I'm amazed that you are still sane. I would have freaked out! I don't do well in emergency situations. I pray that Chris is around if something ever happens to us. The boys are darling as ever.

denise said...

While researching genealogy I searched Grigsby West Texas. Wonderfuly, your blog came up in search results. I believe your husband is my first cousin. I am his uncle Rick's oldest daughter, Denise. My son, who is 21, & your husband could be twins. Never posted on a blog before; not sure if you can contact me via email or not. Let me know, as I'd like to send photos, etc. I have not been around extended Grigsby family since I was two, so Dustin does not know me.

mompreston said...

You do a great job. I'm always amazaed at what you get accomplished. The daring events only get more daring with age!!!! Then they grow up at some point and decide some things are just not very smart to do anymore. Hang in there! Your rewards will be great.

Anonymous said...

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