Friday, March 12, 2010

Video Footage

Here are two videos I took this morning and a list of things I love about each:

*I love how Eli and Landon are using remote controls as telephones.
*I love how they "talk" on the phone complete with swaying their heads from side to side, laughing, and Eli saying "bye" at the end.
*I love how they stand on those decorative hat boxes all the time. They love those things.
*I love how half of my pantry is on the floor because they like to stack unopened containers of salad dressing, mayo, ketchup, peanut butter, and tuna.

And this next video just cracks me up. This went on for a while before I got the camera out.

*I love how Eli and Landon make a train and follow each other around the house.
*I love how they walk from one end of the house to the other and back again.
*I love how Landon pauses and waits for Eli to "latch on" to his back before continuing their trek.
*I love how they play together with their blocks (when they aren't hitting each other with them).
*I love how different their minds work. Eli goes and gets one block at a time and Landon moves the whole tub over to the rug. He's such a smartypants.


ENutter said...

they crack me up too!

ENutter said...

too bad they're practically grown!

Grammy said...

man....I need my Eli/Landon fix.... I'll have to come your way soon... adorable...

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