Wednesday, September 29, 2010


What? My babies are old enough to graduate something? Turns out they are. A few weeks ago, Eli and Landon graduated from the cradle roll class at church and are now the proud members of the 2 and 3 year old class. I couldn't be prouder :)

It was a hard transition for me. You might have noticed that I still call them babies. They are. Just because they'll be two years old in a week or so does not mean they are little boys yet. I don't know how to come to grips with reality in this area.

Of course, I was ready with my camera. We got to class, I turned it on....and it was dead. I was devastated. Nothing goes undocumented around here and I certainly couldn't miss their first day of 2 and 3 year old Bible class. Luckily, Starkye came to the rescue and emailed me these pics:

We are so grateful to all of the teachers that taught them in the cradle roll class. Those are some really special ladies who we love dearly! Eli and Landon are blessed to have new, wonderful teachers in their new class. They are a little hesitant about staying in class, but usually come around. They have already learned really important things like how God made their eyes and their nose. I love that they come out of class with little papers or projects they have made. They are just so big!

Speaking of big...a couple of months ago, they decided they were too big to be confined to a crib any longer. The first time I realized they could crawl out of their cribs, I went in and they were both dangling one leg over the side of their crib and laying face down on the top rail. A few days later, they were laughing really hard when they were supposed to be sleeping, so I went in to find Eli standing on the back of his crib and he had pulled all of his curtains down. Nice.

So we decided to go ahead and change their cribs to toddler beds. Like all changes, I was really hesitant about this one. I didn't want to give up the freedom it gave me to just stick them in their cribs and walk out like I've done for over a year now. I also didn't know how they would handle their new freedom and I was anticipating a lot of "training" time to teach them that they had to stay in bed when it was bedtime/naptime.

So, one Saturday, Dustin and the boys spent a little while changing the beds over. Eli and Landon were a big help.

Turns out that all of my worry was for nothing (imagine that). Eli and Landon have done great with their new beds. I think they sleep even better now than they had been. We do our nightly routine and lay with them for just a couple of minutes and then they stay there and sleep all night. It is wonderful. My favorite part is how they get up in the morning and immediately run into my room to get me. I love the sound of those little feet pattering all the way to my room. Such sweet boys!

So here's to growing up. I guess I can handle just a little of it. Defintely not much more though :)


Elizabeth said...

This whole post makes me so happy. I remember a little over 2 years ago when we were all praying so fervently for two healthy babies. Then about 2 years ago, praying for them to get to go home from the NICU. Now they're in toddler beds?! What in the world?! GOD is AWESOME. And I love those babies... I mean, boys...

Kathi said...

i just love those babies.....I mean boys..... :-)

The Mama said...

Ummmm... I know this is so not the point of your sweet post, but I think I am in LOVE with the carpet/rug in the boys room. Seriously.

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