Monday, October 4, 2010

Eli & Landon's 2nd Birthday Party

I almost didn't have a big party this year. My sister is getting married this month and her bridal shower ended up being on the same date I had planned on having the boys' party. So I struggled with whether or not to go ahead with it, move the party up, or not have one at all and just do something really special with just me, Dustin, and the boys. My love of parties won this battle and so with just one week to get it together, I decided on moving it up a week to this past Saturday.

I'm SO glad that I did. Eli and Landon were beyond excited about the whole thing. They loved the decorations. They loved the balloons. They loved their dirt cake. They LOVED when everyone started arriving and all of the people they love the most were all in one place. I pretty much loved all of that too. It was a really fun day and I appreciate so much how all of our family drove so far to help us celebrate.

Here was the invitation (sent out only a week before the party...better late notice than no notice at all I guess). We (just barely) did a dump truck theme. Eli and Landon love dump trucks!

And here are just some random pictures from the day:

I did individual dirt cakes with gummy worms instead of a big cake. The boys certainly enjoyed theirs, as you will see later.

We had pulled pork sandwiches, chips and dip, veggies and dip, caramel corn, and dirt cake. 

All of the Grigsby men going back for more food.

Dustin borrowed a big table from work and it worked out perfectly. All of the men were quite happy to be outside because...

Dustin rigged up a T.V. out there so football could be on at all times.

We sang happy birthday to the boys, but they were very unsure about blowing out their candles. Landon finally blew his out, but Eli never did. You would have thought Landon made the winning point in some high stakes game the way we all cheered for him. I love making a really big deal out of my boys!

And then we left them alone to enjoy their dirt cake. And enjoy it they certainly did.

We opened presents after that. It was a little chaotic and I didn't get any pictures. Eli and Landon got a t-ball set, lots of stinkin' adorable clothes that we can't wait to wear this fall/winter, dump trucks, movies, balls, cars, toys, books, tractors, and new cowboy boots. They put their boots on and wouldn't take them off the rest of the day. They are loving all of their new toys!  We spent the rest of the day outside playing with all our new stuff. It was SUCH a beautiful day. 

Sweet, sweet Brynna even got in on the fun.

And D'Laney pretty much stayed in this big planter and played in the dirt most of the afternoon. 

Eva was so sweet to come on Thursday and hang out for a few days and help me get ready for the party. I love this girl! This is the only picture we got and Lance took it, so it isn't exactly in focus...

Most everyone was gone by about 4:30 so we laid our very exhausted boys down for a nap. 

And just are some pictures from the park this morning. 

And just for the record, here is who came to Eli and Landon's 2nd Birthday Bash:
Daddy, Mommy, Grammy, Katelyn, Nemo, Papa, Lance, Kevin, Amber, Kathy, Shawn, Ryder, Loren, Orin, Amy, D'Laney, Brynna, Susie, Lloyd, Eva, Cathy, Heather, Phil, Autumn, Sarah, Joshua, Karly, D'Ann, James, Keitha, Karen, Perry, and Rick and Starkye stopped by on their way out of town.

It was a fun day for Eli and Landon and we are blessed that so many people that we love wanted to come and help us celebrate these two sweet little lives.


Jana said...

SO precious!! Happy Birthday Eli and Landon!! Your decorations were so adorable! I will have to keep that idea in mind in the years to come! :)

chris said...

Great pictures you might like my wifes artwork or just type in artistic creations on facebook

Anonymous said...

uh... i LOVE any kind of dirt cake! totally jealous i couldn't be there. totally will see you all in 3 weeks. totally cannot wait. Sliz

The Boyd Gang said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Will you come decorate for our next birthday party? You do such a great job. I can't believe the boys are already 2. Time flies! Enjoy them before your world changes again (for the best of course)!

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