Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little Fall Fun

I wanted to do something as a family for Eli and Landon's actual birthday weekend, since we had their party the weekend before. So, the day after their birthday, we took the boys to Fiddlesticks Farms, which is a little corn maze/pumpkin patch/petting zoo a little over an hour from Sndyer. I love spending days together as a family and the boys had a great time exploring the "farm."

Our friends, Justin, Meagan, and Anna went with us. Anna is just a few weeks younger than Eli and Landon and she is in their Bible class at church.

The best part of this ride was watching Dustin cram himself into this little train car. I have to admit that it was pretty uncomfortable and crowded even for me.

We got to see pigs and baby pigs, goats and baby goats, chickens, cows and calves. We got to see the cow being milked and the baby calves being bottle fed. Eli and Landon pretty much love any and all animals.


Elizabeth said...

cute boys!!

Crystal said...

How fun! Have you seen my current post! Next time we need to corrdinate and all go together. We could really confuse people then! I love Fiddlesticks and I'm pretty sure my boy do, too. Great pictures, glad you all had fun.

Anonymous said...

Those boys are growing up with such amazing parents I don't believe God could have given them better.
I love you Amy and Dustin!

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Starkye said...

Wonderful!! The boys are precious!

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