Friday, November 12, 2010

Sister Baby

It just occurred to me that I haven't yet written about the most exciting news that our family has to share. Dustin and I are expecting baby #3 in April and we are so very excited! Our news, in the order that it was discovered is as follows:

1) August...we're expecting!!
2)September...It's a singleton!!!
3)November...It's a girl!!!!

And our reactions were as follows:
2)September...Totally relieved!!!

Side note: I feel the need to expand on my relief/feelings about a single pregnancy. Eli and Landon have been the biggest blessings to our lives to this point. I would hate for anyone to think that I don't love/appreciate/adore my twin boys. In fact, it has even crossed my mind that another set of twins would be really neat. I LOVE being a mom to twins.'s not always easy and I just can't imagine adding another set of twins to the mix around here. One set of twins = the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. Two sets of twins might = one very overwhelmed mama.

So anyway...I am very excited about enjoying this very normal, very uncomplicated, very easy pregnancy. Lord willing, it will continue on like this for the duration.

For whatever reason (genetics, luck, divine intervention)...I have a very easy time being pregnant. I feel great. I haven't been sick even one time, nor was I ever with the boys. I may be a tad bit more tired and lazy, but that could very well be in my head...I mean, if you can get away with it...why not at least try, right? I am very thankful that I am blessed in this way!

I must say that things are a lot different this time around. The combination of this being my second pregnancy and only one baby instead of two makes it a lot less consuming for us and for all of our family. We are already 18 weeks into this and it feels like the time is really flying by because life is so full for us already.

One thing is for certain...this little one is already very loved. Eli and Landon have named her "Sister Baby" and I'm convinced they will be the best big brothers that any girl could dream of. They pray for her every single night and pat my belly at random times throughout the day. If she can survive Eli and Landon...she will certainly be one tough girl :) Dustin and I are no less excited. It has been our experience that love is not divided with the addition of children, but it seems to multiply exponentially with each one. Eli and Landon bring us such joy and I have no doubt that a little girl will add a whole new dimension and indescribable blessings to our family.

So here we go...we're about to join the "3 under 3" club. I have a feeling it's going to get a little crazy around here for a the best way possible.


Stephen and Larissa said...

So exciting! I always wished I had a big brother. She will be so loved!

Bekah said...

Awe, Congratulations! That's very exciting. Let the clothes shopping begin! :)

Anonymous said...

SO exciting and SO sweet!! I pray for you all at random times during the day because you're always in my thoughts! Can't wait to come see you in May! (I did mention I was coming in May... right? LoL, but seriously.) SLIZ

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