Friday, November 12, 2010


We're not exactly world travelers (maybe one day though), but we sure have made our way around Texas these past few weeks. It's been chaotic and refreshing and exhausting and loads of fun. It's also been a lot of work packing, unpacking, washing, and repacking. Of all those things, it's mostly been loads of fun.

Dustin and I celebrated our five year anniversary about three weeks ago. He came home at lunch on Friday and asked if I wanted to get away for the weekend. I needed no time to think about it. I absolutely wanted to go anywhere Dustin wanted to take me! We met Neva and dropped the boys off and headed to San Angelo for the night. We didn't do anything particularly special. We ate really good food and just went back to the hotel and watched the Rangers win the Championship Series. We ate more good food the next day and went antique shopping and just enjoyed being together. I love Dustin. I really, really love him. It's very seldom that I get his undivided attention, but there's nothing in the world that compares when I do.

The next weekend was my sister's wedding. Dustin took most of the week off so that I could go to Dallas and help mom get ready for the big event. I left Tuesday evening and spent the rest of the week working on the wedding and visiting with family and friends. Dustin and the boys came up Thursday, but I didn't get to spend much time with them because there was much to be done. The wedding definitely deserves it's own post, so more on this later.

Because Laura's wedding was on Saturday, October 30th, Eli and Landon weren't able to go trick-or-treating. I was (and still am) particularly disappointed in this because I LOVE halloween. The only thing we could have passed for on Sunday night was a bunch of zombies. We were all utterly exhausted. We went out to eat on the way home Sunday night and I'm pretty sure Eli and Landon didn't say a word the whole meal. They were completely zoned out. I'm pretty sure it was the quietest and calmest meal we have ever enjoyed as a family :)

Which brings us up to this past weekend. We were invited by some of Dustin's family to go to the A&M/OU game in College Station. Once again, Neva graciously kept the boys for us and we traveled down to College Station for the weekend. We had SO much fun. Not only was it the best football game I think I've ever been to, we were with friends and family that I LOVE. Dustin's family is really a lot of fun and I always find myself laughing a lot when I'm with them. We were able to stay with Calvin and Ginger and visit with them a little over the course of the weekend and we were able to worship with the congregation that we attended all through college that we love dearly. It just so happened that a lot of our college friends were also in town for the weekend, so it was kind of a reunion of sorts on Sunday.

So that's what we've been up to lately and that is why I've been so absent around here. Our camera has pretty much bit the dust, so we are really short on pictures from the last few months. I really need to just buy another one, but instead I just keep entering Pioneer Woman's giveaways and hoping and praying for a win :)

I'm SO excited for the holidays this year. We are spending Thanksgiving with my family in McKinney and Christmas with Dustin's family in Iraan. I think Santa could go really go crazy with gifts for Eli and Landon! It's going to be hard to control myself.

I hope this holiday season finds you all happy, healthy, and blessed. I know I sure am!

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