Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Holidays are so much more fun with Eli and Landon! Let’s just say that there is someone who lives in this house (who shall remain nameless) that is less than thrilled with decorating, baking, and crafts. But that’s the beauty of children…you can force your fun on them. So the week before Valentine’s day, Eli, Landon, and I started gearing up with homemade valentine cards for some special people in our lives and baking and decorating cookies.
Then on the morning of Valentine’s Day we ate homemade waffles, went to our party at the library, had lunch with Dad, all crawled into bed together for an extra long nap, and played outside. It was a most wonderful day celebrating all things “love”…and that is something worth celebrating. I am blessed with the three cutest valentines a girl could ever ask for!

We helped mom by eating the sprinkles -

Off of each other's fingers no less...

We traced and glued all by ourselves!

Our cookies to share with all of our friends at the library -

Valentine's Day with Anna, our sweet friend from church

Here we are with Miss Jacki, the children's librarian.

And here we are checking out all our goodies. We got a LOT of candy!


Dana {Southern Inspired} said...

So cute Amy! Sweet little Valentines! :)

Patricia said...

Great valentines with great children

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