Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snow Days!

You might have heard that it snowed a little here in Texas...and the rest of the world. We did all of the snow day things like sleep in late, eat a big breakfast, stay in our pajamas and watch movies, turn the heater up, all crawl into bed together and nap all afternoon, bundle up and brave the cold weather to play in the snow, drink hot chocolate, and try to stay sane as we were cooped up in the house for almost two weeks. One thing is for sure...we LOVED having daddy home more than usual!

I can recall this time fondly because it's over and I've already repressed the craziness that not leaving the house for days on end caused me. It's wonderful to be forced to slow down and do nothing but spend time with your family, but we were all going a little stir-crazy by the end of the cold weather.

Here are a few pictures:

Playing in the snow -

And enjoying some hot chocolate immediately after -

We don't do finger paint around here...it's just way too much for me to handle. But...we do draw shapes and letters in shaving cream. It's so much easier to clean up and I'm pretty sure Eli and Landon have just as much fun with it...but who would know because their scrooge of a mom has never introduced them to finger paint.

We tried to make the best of the ridiculous cold, but I am personally SO, SO happy that the days of playing outside are back. It makes me one, very happy mommy!


Kathi said...

I love the shaving cream pictures. So cute covered in shaving cream and in their Big Boy Panties.....or would that not be appropriate calling them Big Boy *panties*.... thinking Dustin would have a problem with that. Can you tell I've raised more girls than boys...?? laughing...love, grammy.....

Heather said...

I just pulled up your blog to see if there was an update on Harper and laughed at these shaving cream pictures! I wish I could see that in real time! They look like it is their absolute favorite thing!

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