Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Weekend In Pictures

For no particular reason other than just spending it together, we had such a great weekend. Dustin wasn't busy at work on Friday, so he was around the house throughout the day, which is always a treat.

Harper got a new swing. And not just any's like the Cadillac of swings. We love this thing!

We finally went and got some flowers to plant in the front yard. Now our house only looks half-way abandoned. Oh well...just because you can't fix everything at once doesn't mean you shouldn't do what you can, right? It makes me feel so much better pulling in our driveway when I see flowers instead of weeds.

 Harper helped out by sitting in her bouncer and overseeing the project.

We went on a nice long walk Saturday night. It's so nice to get out of the house and do something together. And I love our new stroller...all three kids can fit on it (for now at least) and it's not even that huge.

Along with those things we ate good meals, I gave all three boys haircuts (they're not very good, but they were free), Dustin took the boys to worship Sunday morning and I took them Sunday night, we played in the sprinklers, we took naps, and we all piled into one of the boys' beds to read books and tell stories at night.

For most of Harper's life, I've just been trying to get by and been living day-by-day anticipating when this surgery will be. I want the surgery to be behind us and over with so badly that I feel sometimes I am wishing her life away. I have to remind myself that even though surgery is looming, it's no reason to not cherish the moments I have now.

But this weekend...well, I didn't even have to remind myself. I guess I've almost gotten used to this new "normal" for us and I'm able to love our life just as it is right now.

We take Harper back to the doctor on Tuesday. There have been very noticeable changes in her breathing this week and she has been more sweaty than before, both of which are signs that her heart is struggling to keep up. Every day is one day closer to her surgery. I'm terrified of it, but so ready for my sweet baby to be "fixed."

I will post an update on Harper sometime Tuesday after we see Dr. Robinson.

Hope you all had a blessed weekend as well!


Kathi said...

precious..... i love you all....

Starkye said...

Love all the pictures and so glad you had some relaxing family time!

The Boyd Gang said...

I love my sit-n-stand stroller! I can still get all 4 of my children on it but it is a little hard to push because they are so heavy! Love the new pictures of your little ones!!

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