Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Remember Us? We have a lot to catch up on!

In the four years I've had this thing, I've never gone more than 6 weeks without writing here and I hate that I've let so much time pass. Mostly because I LOVE going back and reading about my kids. Even after just a few months, the stories are like new to me. It's amazing how fast they grow and change and how things you never thought you would do all too quickly.

Let's start with the fall, shall we? Over the next few days, I plan to try and catch up to the present time, just hitting the highlights of our life the past 6 months.

Fall was great fun. I say this about every age, but this truly SUCH a fun age with the boys. I'm not going to lie, age 3 has been a real doozie in some ways, but we just won't talk about that. It's also been a TON of fun. Eli and Landon have such great personalities. They are full of life and energy and the things that come out of their little mouths are hilarious.

Here are a few pictures from our fall:

Carving pumpkins:

My dad came to visit for a whole week and we tackled a major project that kept getting put off: painting the exterior of our house.


After: (Yes, I realize you can't see too much, but this is all I have. It's grey with white trim and a red door and while the outside of our house will never be beautiful, this is a HUGE improvement!)

 The boys helped me make their costumes for Halloween this year which was fun. They were pretty hesitant to wear them though. We went to the Halloween party at the library with all of our storytime friends and they wouldn't even walk in the room with their costumes. Guess we should try something a little time. They also insisted on taking them off in between each house we trick-or-treated at (this wasn't annoying at all).

A sweet friend from church made Harper's costume. It was a tad big, but she wore it all night and was a big trooper that night. 

We went to a fall festival:

Landon had a few accidents in a row. The nose injury was caused by jumping off the couch and diving into the coffee table. This one really scared me.

This injury was caused by Eli "helping" him off the porch and right onto the cement headfirst. 
 Harper started going to Bible class like the big girl she is (never alone because she's quite the momma's girl and that's okay).

Harper got her first two teeth...and then the next six right after it. She now has eight teeth and will gladly bite you with them.

So that's a start at least. I'm not even proofreading this because it's almost 2:00 a.m. and I can't be bothered with silly things like that. Stay tuned...more on the way...maybe ;)


Ophelia said...

So glad to read this post & seeing all the pictures of your two boys PLUS Harper!!! There were a few instances when I tot about you and Harper, said a silent thankful prayer for the gift of Harper & knew that one day soon when things were less hectic that you would blog again. Regards & love to you. God bless.

Kathi said...

I still go to this site every single in point, like today..!!! Thanks Amy....I love seeing all your wonderful pictures and listening to your *stories*.... I'll have to call Elizabeth and let her know you've posted, although she probably still checks every day too....
love you...!!

Crystal said...

So glad you're back! We've missed you immensely.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back!!! Love you all! Susie

Elizabeth said...

KATHI! YOU DIDN'T EMAIL ME!! I had to wait 3 whole days to read it! Waa. Did you notice that Popper and Eddie are totally making the same face in that picture?! LoL! Love it! Bamy, you're too funny... J kept asking me what I was reading that was making me laugh so much!! Don't let so much time go by between posts next time... PLEASE!!

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