Monday, May 21, 2012

A Birthday Party!

Since Harper had surgery just two days before her birthday, we had a very late 1st Birthday Party for her just last weekend. I wanted her to get good and recovered before we overwhelmed her with celebration. We also have been kind of waiting to see what her heart is going to decide to do (medical update to follow shortly) and it never really did anything to speak of, so finally I just committed to a party. And a party is exactly what we had. 

We did a "Cute as a Button" theme and I could seriously kick myself for the awful pictures that will follow. It was a combination of the wrong settings on my camera and an awful lot of back light coming in from the window. Oh well...we had a great time and it did my heart SO much good to celebrate Harper's little life appropriately with so many friends and family that have helped us get through this past year. 

The invitations that Dustin helped me execute.  
The design was shamelessly copied from pinterest.


 The party table. My very talented mom did all of the sweets. She made Harper's little cake, the big birthday cake, cupcakes, caramel corn, and chocolate dipped marshmallows. She doesn't leave any tiny detail untouched and has a way of making everything gorgeous.

 We had everyone fill out a wish for Harper on her first birthday. I loved this and I love how Harper will have these to read as she gets older. I hope to do this on every birthday for her.

The food table. We had fresh fruit, pasta salad, hot ham and cheese sandwiches, pink lemonade and juice boxes.

It occurred to me that a large portion of this group has been together several times in the past year, but never just to celebrate and enjoy each other. I'm thankful that this occasion that brought us together was a joyful one this time.

 I loved surrounding Harper with love and joy and I got a little emotional several times as I reflected on how blessed we are to be able to celebrate this milestone in her life. She is such a precious little soul who has just completely filled our hearts to the brim with joy and thanksgiving.

Happiest of birthdays to you, Popper. We love you!

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Elizabeth said...

I LOVE it!! Really sweet! Kathi is amazing. I still hope to be her when I grow up. I'm so grateful for Harper and I have some wishes for her. Can you send me one of those pages?

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