Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Life Through My IPhone

I would have to say that nothing better represents our lives as a whole better than the pictures on my phone. I always have it with me to capture the little things, the funny things, the things that appall me, and even the slightly dangerous (but not too dangerous that I can't take a picture real fast) things.

So since I just downloaded 234 pictures, here are the best of the last few months.

Harper is still not amused by all my picture taking.

We still frequent the doctor's offices.


Eli and Landon are almost never themselves. 
Some of their favorite people to be are cowboys or Peter Pan. 

We still like to get messy.

 Harper and I still hang out most Sundays in the nursery.

Shopping is always a ton of fun with these three.

We love story time (when we are all well enough to go).

Harper still LOVES her daddy and greets him every time he comes in the door.

Sometimes we hang out in our pajamas, building forts, on into the afternoon.

Dustin and I went on a little trip by ourselves (first time in two years) to Fredericksburg. 
It was wonderful.
 Sometimes I'm a really awesome mom and give my baby mini marshmallows in the car so that she'll be happy.

Harper likes to make phone calls during church...on her thermometer.

Harper is SUCH a night owl, so we just let her stay up. She's never cranky and just plays by herself without her brothers taking all the toys away from her. She's such a sweetheart late at night.

 The boys and I have been doing a little preschool each day. It's amazing how quickly they learn!

 We love the science museum in Lubbock and stop by every time we're there. It's completely child-friendly and it helps get a little energy out after spending a lot of time in the car.

We went to a couple of Ira football games this year and the sweet cheerleaders let Harper and Kassidy cheer with them. 

I still seriously love this baby.

 And I will still do just about anything for a little down-time. Even if it means letting Eli and Landon style my hair. It's almost relaxing...until they gouge my eye out.

 We are loving Christmas-time this year. Here we're watching Polar Express and eating popcorn.

And by Harper's insistence, we have begun to use the toilet. Without any prompting or training whatsoever, she requested to get on the potty and proceeded to go #2! Home-girl is a prodigy!

So that was pretty long, but that's our life through the lens of an IPhone.

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