Friday, August 22, 2008

Family Vacation

Last weekend we traveled to Hunt, Tx to a quaint little "ranch" on the Guadalupe river for family time, food, shopping, and relaxation. Here are a few pictures:


What I really wish you could have seen is Kevin and Lance in the boat by themselves. Kevin was paddling with all his might and the boat was just going in circles. I also wish I could show you how many different positions those three were in before they finally put Lance up front by himself and how everytime they tried to switch places with each other they boat almost tipped over. Maybe the flat bottom boat wasn't the best choice for these three. I think Dustin and Kevin got their workout and Lance sure did enjoy the ride.

My Mother-In-Law
She's crazy and a lot of fun and I love her. I hope she doesn't kill me for putting this picture on the internet.

And here is some canoe fun:

And for everyone's viewing pleasure, here are a couple of videos from King of the Mountain. I love Ryder's perserverence and how Seth gets painfully raked off the corner every time and how Lance just sits there without moving ensuring no one could possible get him off and how Dustin tries to grab onto Lance as an anchor. What a brutal game.

And the whole trip was made even better because I got to travel with this sweet little girl who just celebrated her first birthday this week. Happy Birthday D'Laney!

No baby news other than the constant wrestling match going on inside of me. I don't think these babies ever sleep and they are conspiring against me to keep me up as much as possible as well. It's a great feeling though - a constant reminder of how blessed we are that they are both healthy. I go back to the doctor Monday and I'm anxious to see how big these boys are!

Happy Weekend!

The Grigsbys


mom said...

Those videos are hilarious. Thank you for sharing. I did miss pictures of you on your trip. I am sure you did that on purpose. *S*
Call me after your appt. tomorrow.
I love you both...actually all four of you.

Amy Holifield said...

Can you hear D'Laney crying in the background of those videos? Poor baby... Hope your appointment went well today, we'll be anxious to hear!

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