Sunday, August 10, 2008


I can't believe the end of summer is almost here - not that it has a large effect on my actions and schedule (or lack thereof), but it feels like it just flew by. I love the fall, so I'm ready for the change. The start of school always excited me, the cooler weather, football season, Thanksgiving... what other season has that much to offer? We've been spending our time slowly making progress on the house and visiting with friends and family. Dustin almost has the kitchen all painted and he even put up new trim and base which looks great! It's so nice to live with such a talented man!

I went to the doctor Friday and the current stats on the boys are: Eli weighed in at 1 pound, 7 ounces and Landon a whopping 1 pound, 11 ounces putting him in the 78th percentile. He's a big boy. After such a large difference in weight between the two of them at the last checkup, I was afraid of it being even bigger this time, but it seems like Eli is holding his own.

I am exactly 25 weeks along today, which means that I could deliver now and the babies would actually have a chance of survival (with major complications and a long hospital stay). It is amazing to me to think that is even a possibility. I go back two weeks from tomorrow and at that point, we will talk about more frequent monitoring, getting shots to help the babies' lungs develop more quickly, and the possibility of a hospital stay on down the road :(
Right now though...things are going great!

We are taking a trip to Hunt, Tx this next weekend for Dustin's family's annual summer trip that always involves water, cabins, lots of food, antique shopping, and dominoes. I'm so excited!

One prayer request before I go: our dear friends Doug and Tisha Young are traveling along with their family to Palo Alto, CA in preparation for Tisha to donate a kidney to a very young boy who could not survive without it. The surgery is scheduled for August 12th and I ask that you keep her and this little boy in your prayers, most specifically that his body will not reject the new organ. Thank you so much! I know what a blessing it is to have the prayers of friends, family, and even strangers during difficult times!

I'll leave you with a few pregnancy pictures (against my better judgement). I have been terrible about taking pictures, so these are the only ones I have:

18 Weeks at Camp

19 Weeks at Britt and Autumn's Wedding

Today, 25 Weeks

You can tell a little more in this one


Theresa Bluhm said...

oh my goodness! You are such a cute pregnant lady! I'm glad that little Eli and Landon are doing good. We are always praying for them and you and Dustin!

Jacob said...

It's great to hear the twins are doing well, and even better to see some photos! We miss you two so much...

We'll continue to keep you and the little ones in our prayers. We'll also pray for Doug and Tisha -- she's doing a great thing, for sure.

Hopefully we can talk to y'all soon!

Crystal said...

You look so cute, and I'm glad the babies are doing fine.

Jessica Shumake said...

I'm so glad you posted pictures - you are adorable! :)
I'm so thankful to hear the boys are still doing so well- God is good!!

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