Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Amy would have been full term today and I can’t imagine how different our lives would be if our babies would have gone the full 40 weeks. I would have just met Eli and Landon today which is kind of a sad thought to me. I wouldn’t know that Landon is laid back and Eli is a little high maintenance. I would have never heard them grunt or cry or watch them drift in and out of sleep as they lay against my chest. Thanks for coming early you two.

There are some things that make life a little sweeter than it already is. It’s the simple moments which seem so common and uneventful that makes every life unique. I know Amy has mentioned how the light comes into our bedroom windows and how the boys love to look at the stain glass. There is nothing closer to perfections as far as moments go than on a Saturday morning. Perfection you say? Yes. Here’s why.

This is our first real home and it feels like home with all our things in it and all the small alterations we made to it so far and because Amy and the boys are here now. In our home are many rooms but none is quiet like our bedroom on a sunny November Saturday morning. Our bedroom window faces the south so in the winter more light pours through the windows because the sun is lower in the sky. The result is a spectacle of green, purple, and yellow rays settling on the colorful quilt resting on the bed. It is most likely chilly outside, not that it matters at the time because we are tucked away under the covers. After we feed our boys in the mornings, they are usually wide awake and for the most part happy and content. They do a little grunting, some stretching, a little waving of the hands and kicking of the feet, and a lot of staring up at the window.

I am perfectly content laying there and watching; answering back their grunts with a whisper or a kiss on the forehead. Our house is simple and may even be a little run down by some standards. Even though it is far from my dream home it is my home. And someday I may live in a much nicer, much bigger house, but I know I will long for those Saturday mornings basking in the November sun with my babies between me and my wife in that simple home during those simple times.


Kendra said...

Reminds me of a sign that I hung in my kitchen.
"Cherish Life's
Simple Pleasures". Thanks for the reminder to enjoy and cherish the stages in life that we find ourselves. Their are small blessing around every corner. And you have two of those small blessings right in your very own home! Happy Thanksgiving!

Kathi said...

I just love those boys..... they are so precious..!!!
It was nice seeing all 4 of you this past weekend.
love, mom

Parker Life said...

Guys-cherish these days. We miss them terribly. And your home is yours. Ours isn't our dream home but it works for us- we are happy and making it our home. A houes is a building. A home is the family and the memories that are made. Love ya'll and give my precious nephews a hug and kiss-hope to see you guys soon! And you better not be lettin them babies cry!Lol
Love ya'll
Uncle Bryan and Aunt Amber

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