Saturday, November 1, 2008


It's Official...we are going home tomorrow! Both boys have had their feeding tubes out for a couple days now and have had no problem sucking down their bottles. They had quite a traumatic day yesterday in preparation to be discharged. It started early morning with their circumcision...not a great way to start the day. They then had their occupational therapy evaluation, hearing screening, and car seat test (sitting in a car seat for an hour to make sure they can keep their heart rate and breathing stable). We also got trained on the apnea monitors that we will take home. Someday in the not so near future, we'll be able to hold our babies without getting tangled up in cords, but for several more months, they will contine to be monitored and I am actually thankful for the peace of mind it provides.

We got the news yesterday that we would be going home Sunday, so we took the opportunity to go home and get things ready there. It has been almost exactly four weeks since I have been home and being there last night made me even more excited to be taking my boys there tomorrow.

This is a picture of a very happy family who knows they'll be home soon.

Part of discharge procedure is for parents to "room-in" with the babies for a full 24 hours before leaving. The NICU has three mini hotel rooms, so we checked in this afternoon and we are currently hanging out with the boys all by ourselves...with a complete nursing staff just down the hall. It's kind of nice to have a trial run with support before we fly solo!

Packing up the boys' area in the NICU


Dustin and Eli watching football

And here are a few Halloween pictures. Costumes courtesy of Elizabeth and Kristin.

Eli is the ghost and Landon is the pumpkin.

Thank you for your prayers for the boys' progress and all of your encouragement the past few weeks. We are so relieved that this time period is ending and we will be together as a family at last!


One very happy momma


Keith and Laneigh said...

It is so amazing that they are going home tomorrow! Congratulations. I think it is awesome that you get a 24 hour trial run with them in the hospital before going home. That is incredible. I wish I could have had that and I only had 1 full-term baby.

Parker Life said...

I bet you guys are so ready to get home and actually feel normal. Congrats they are officially yours! Have fun-I am up at unusal hours so call or text if u need help staying up. Love ya'll and praying daily!
Love Aunt Amber(and I love the sound of that)

Elizabeth said...

cute, cute, CUTE! I LOVE their costumes! They look even better than I imagined!!!!!! Twins DO rock!

Kristin said...

we are so happy for you guys- and now the fun really begins- enjoy every moment b/c it goes by so fast. we will keep you guys in our prayers take care and have fun!!!!!

jess said...

Oh Amy, I'm so excited for you guys! That 24 hour trial sounds like such a great idea. Hope your trip home went well! Congratulations!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yea! Congratulations on getting to go home. That is incredible news! Eli and Landon maybe the cutest ghost and pumpkin I've ever seen! Love their costume!!! Best of luck and I am still praying for you all! Tara Matson (Tisha Young's sister)

doug young said...

Awesome news! We love you guys!

Keva said...

so happy for your little family. I can't believe how much bigger the boys look already. Give me a holler when you get settled in, cuz I'm chomping at the bit to come play newborn photographer. umm, which reminds me, I owe you a few pictures. Burn CD, on my todo list for tomorrow. Congratulations, the boys still pray for your boys and will be so excited to hear they are going home. Also, they love the video of the boys.

Jinja said...

Congratulations! I hope the homecoming was wonderful! ~Jen

Vann Family said...

I am soo glad that everyone is doing so well and that you all get to go home. I know that ya'll are anxious. You guys are great parents already.

Tisha said...

Hi guys, I have not been able to visit the site lately but boy have I just enjoyed laughing and smiling at the wonderful pictures and hilarious comments. Yall are a beautiful family!!!! I am so excited yall are home. Please know you are always in our prayers!!!!! Also let the boys know we love them and can't wait to meet them.

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