Friday, December 5, 2008

Finally...An Update

It's been another long absence from blogging lately. We had a ton of company, a Thanksgiving of just the four of us, and this week which has been a little rough.

Kathryn, one of my best friends and an old college roommate came to stay with us the week before Thanksgiving. She was amazing! Anything she saw that needed to be done, she did. She held, changed, fed, and loved my babies. She cleaned, did laundry, and cooked for us. We are SO grateful that she came to help us - it was really wonderful having her here. A special thank you to her husband, Andy, who shared her with us even on his birthday!

That same weekend, my mom, Mike, and Katelyn came to see us and I wish I had pictures of all of time I guess. We did get Aunt Katelyn with the boys...
A few days later, John, Trish, Matt, Morgan, Miles, and Lana all came to see us as they were on their way to various destinations for Thanksgiving. pictures, but it was SO good to see them and we appreciate them going out of their way to come visit us.

Everyone left Wednesday and our plans to go to Iraan changed because Dustin's brother was sick, so we spent Thanksgiving and the weekend here in Snyder with just the four of us. It was really nice!

Which brings us up to this week. Dustin has been sick all week making things a little more interesting around here. He has been quarantined to the basement and doesn't come near the babies. He has used a whole big bottle of hand sanitizer and cleans anything he touches immediately and so far...he hasn't spread it to the rest of us. He went to the doctor and got a shot, but he's only feeling worse. Dustin usually comes straight in from work and sits and holds the boys all evening and I didn't realize how much I needed that time until now. The babies are sleeping less and crying more with each passing day. It has been a 24 hour a day one man show and I'm a little tired!

Okay...I'm getting a little long winded so I'll wrap it up, but I have to tell you about the boys' latest activity. Eli and Landon lay together quite often and I was noticing spots on the back of their heads where their hair was stiff and matted down, like this:

I wondered what exactly was happening, until I caught them in action:

It turns out, whoever is in the back is licking or sucking on the back of the other one's head. Niiice boys! It doesn't seem to bother Eli here, so I guess I won't worry too much about it.

We have exciting news...Eli finally hit the 6 pound mark and Landon is 7 pounds. My boys are the size of real babies!!

Here are a few more pictures to tie you over until next time - sorry I'm such a bad photographer. I don't always have the most cooperative subjects.

The boys are getting restless. Until next time...


Crystal said...

I'm so glad that you are going first at all of this, so I will know what to expect when my boys start to suck on the back of one anothers heads. I hope Dustin gets to feeling better soon, I can't imagine the exhaustion! You're doing a great job and the boys are as precious as ever.

Kathi said...

funny stuff Amy.....glad you solved the mystery.... and I realize that the very last thing on your lists of *to dos* is this blog but I have to tell you that it's my lifeline to those precious boys, you and Dustin. It's one of the highlights of my day and I never mind waiting a week or two for new posts. The old ones tie me over. So thank you for doing this and know that it's appreciated by many.... I can't wait to spend some time in Snyder very soon....
I love you

Parker Life said...

Hey-I love the blog-I cannot wait til I can see my little nephews again. The kids really love the blog too-it makes it real to them.
I know your tired-maybe one weekend I can come and releave you and clean up and help out so you can sleep 8 hours-I havent done that in years.Love ya Aunt Amber

Elizabeth said...

that video is HILARIOUS!!!!!!

Keva said...

good to see and hear about the boys. I hope we can get together soon. I'll talk to Neva and try and work it out again. Sweet sweet babies...I just want to hold and photograph them sooo bad!

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