Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Rebuttal, Elf Ears and More

I would like to clarify what my wife had led you all to believe about what I said about her long posts. I love her long posts as well. Actually they are not that long. All I said to her was that she should post more often using pictures since everyone wants to see more pictures and that she should not feel like she should have to write a long post every time she posts, just put a few pictures up if nothing else. Like these...

Landon is eyeing Eli's pacifier while Eli is sleeping. Little does he know that his own is out of sight... two inches above his head.

Eli caught on to Landon's plan to steel his pacifier and became very angry and so he turned his back on Landon to ignore him and sucked on his pacifier really loud.

Here are the sissy gowns mom decided to put them in. Between the gowns and Landon trying to snatch his paci, Eli is taking his frustration out on Landon. Its OK buddy, someday you will grow out of that gown.
In other news... I've been worried about the boys' ears. Don't worry, they aren't deaf... I don't think. But I have noticed they have elf ears. Please take note of Eli's ear. (You may have to click on it to blow it up to see his ear)
I thought that Amy was hiding something from me about her family, like her great-grand father use to work in Santa's Shop. But today I notice that Landon's ear is starting to look normal. Hopefully Eli's will do the same.
Not that it matters, I will love them no matter what... elf ears and all.
More exciting news, Eli broke 4 pounds today and we have the evidence to prove it.
There is not a more substantial form of evidence than a dry-erase board. You may have click on this one to read the writing if you don't want to take my word for it. Also the boys are eating very well and so the Doctor beleives it is possible for us to be going home this weekend or early next week.

And one final note. There has been some discussion of who these boys look like. Nana (my mom) dug out a picture of me when I was three days old.
I asked the boys if they thought they looked like me when I was a baby. Their reaction....

Eli was stunned at such a notion.

Landon was just horrified of the picture. So what if I wasn't as cute as you two, at least I didn't have elf ears!


Crystal said...

Glad to know that this situation has not dampened your sense of humor, Dustin. I needed a good laugh this morning. At least Amy might be in good with Santa Clause, because Christmas might get expensive around your house with two babies.

The Ratcliffs said...

I'm cracking up!

You have such precious boys! We are sending happy thoughts your way for a quick homecoming!

Anonymous said...

Your grams is so happy to see such fine growing boys!!! Doesn't that just sound like a grand mother??
Hee Hee!

I love this blog so much!! It is so wonderful to bring it up every day and read some more about you all and your progress.... yes! even the tears. I would love to be there to help hold and cuddle and laugh and cry with you all.

Thanks you so much for posting so may pictures AND long writings!! I look forward to visiting and enjoy the lengthy, (Dustin) comments that Amy makes! LOLROF Yes! I can still roll on the floor!!!

Thanks for making my day... and for the laughter I feel when I see all of you doing so well.

Hope a 'Homecoming' is soon. Know it will be a bit scary but also know that you will have all the help you need, nearby. You are all loved by so many people. You are indeed blessed! God Bless you more!!!!

Love you!!

Grams and Ed

Elizabeth said...

LoL. Dustin, you're hilarious. I love those elfish monkey boys.

Elizabeth said...

But what about their belly buttons?

Vann Family said...

thanks amy, your prayers are greatly appreciated. any advice from a new mommy to a newly pregnant one? your boys are beautiful. I am glad everything is going great. Miss you guys

Parker Life said...

Ok they get it "daddy is funny" and not as cute as they are.
I love their elf ears and think they are absolutely precious.
I am glad they are doing so great and get some rest because the real fun is about to start.
Call me if you need help staying up. Love ya'll Amber

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