Thursday, January 29, 2009

Landon's Bad Habit

Landon has been trying to suck his thumb for some time now.

He is finally getting it in his mouth instead of rooting around on his whole fist

And now...he is actually sucking
And despite my best efforts to fight this off...I think I am losing the battle. Every time I see him trying to suck his thumb, I put his pacifier in his mouth, but he immediately spits it out and goes to town with his thumb.

I am torn between the nightmares that I'll have a 13 year old who still sucks his thumb and the wonderful thoughts of not having to replace a pacifier in his mouth every five seconds and his ability to self-sooth.

So for all of you mommies out there...thumb sucking - fight it or embrace it?



Kristin said...

Chase and Kori were my pacifer babies and so is Reef but he goes back and forth between his thumb and the pacifer. I don't think that there is anything cuter than a baby sucking their thumb. My sister had a horrible time breaking her son from the pacifer but my sister was horrible to break with her thumb- I think it all just depends on how much they like it. YOur boys are so cute. Talk to you later.

The Boyd Gang said...

Let him suck!!!! My brother and sister both sucked their thumb and got over it in a reasonable amount of time (1st grade):) Emma Claire loves her thumb and she is great at self soothing. I say "let the boy have his thumb!"

Jomama said...

They are beautiful boys, why start stressing them (and yourself) out? They'll be plenty that you HAVE to stress about. BEST ADVICE EVER: Pick your battles!!!
With Love, Jo

Micah and Jennifer said...

Embrace! I've heard that thumb sucking actually helps with IQ...don't know if that's reputable or not. Self-soothing is awesome, go with it. Your boys are getting big, they look great!

Crystal said...

I can't really give you an "I've been there" opinion... but I do know how nice it would be not to have to put TWO pacifers back in every 5 seconds!

miss amy said...

i sucked mine until i was 12, and i'm not too warped...definitely helps with the IQ! j/k :)

Parker Life said...

Ok-Amy let him suck his thumb-He will grow out of it. Let my sweet babies alone-Give them hugs for me. Love ya'll Amber

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