Thursday, January 29, 2009

Goodbye Old Friends

We hit another milestone today!

Landon is officially off his apnea monitor! No more cords for that guy. They came to pick Landon's up and downloaded the information off of Eli's so hopefully, the doctor will soon release Eli as well.

Doesn't he look excited to be saying goodbye?
Last Tuesday when we were at the doctor, I forgot to ask about the medication the boys have been on since we came home. I have really had my doubts as to how necessary it is anymore - they have been taking the same dosage every since they were born and I'm pretty sure we outgrew that dose a long time ago. If they really needed it, we would have seen problems by now, so I called today and we can stop the prescriptions!!

These are just a few of the bottles we have gone through in the last two months. I finally threw some away last week. I have this strange attachment to anything that has anything to do with my babies, but in a moment of clarity last week...I finally let a few go. I wonder how long these will sit on the counter...

So to you, Mr. Apnea monitor and prescription drugs, thank you for your services in keeping my babies safe, but you are no longer needed around these parts.

We're liberated....well almost.


miss amy said...

WHOOP! Congratulations Landon! hang in there,'re not far behind!

Theresa Bluhm said...

He looks just like you Amy! So precious.

Hewittfolks said...

Thanks for your comment! I've actually been looking at your blog too, thanks to Page! :) I'm not sure I ever met you... I know I met Dustin once or twice at A&M and went to Iraan with Page once, but that's about it. But I've recently become obsessed with all things to do with twins, of course, and it's so cool to see how well your boys are doing! They look wonderful!

Jess said...

SO glad they're doing so well and don't need these things anymore! As far as the post below, I'm not a mommmy yet but would totally embrace the thumb-sucking! I'm praying that ours will go that route! :) It is SO adorable, SO convenient, and just so natural. From what I've read, it's not harmful to their teeth unless they suck past age 4 or 5. All 3 of us kids were thumb suckers and Mom didn't have any trouble getting us to stop - I think 3 was the longest it went with any of us. Please give them both an extra hug from me!!

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