Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mom Survey

My friend and fellow twin Mom, Crystal, posted these questions this morning on her blog asking all other moms out there to answer them. My boys are only two months older than Crystal's and I feel totally unqualified to be answering these because most of the time we're just winging it around here, but my boys are happy and healthy, so maybe we're doing something right, so here it goes...

1) Breastfeed, Formula, or both?
Breast milk exclusively until about six weeks ago and now I have to supplement about 4 ounces of formula each day per baby.

2)If you used formula, what kind?
Similac Sensitive - just a side note on this, my pediatrician recommends Similac because he gets a LOT less phone calls from parents using Similac than Enfamil. Who knows if there is anything to that. We started on the regular Similac, but they had major upset tummies and gas (even more so than normal), so we went to sensitive and it's much better

3) Breastfeed...how long?
Still going at four months. I definitely want to make it to six months, but will keep going as long as I can.

4) What kind of bottles did you use?
We are still using the NICU bottles...isn't that sad? I bet we have over 150 of those little suckers. We like Dr. Brown, too. We just don't have as many of them.

5) At what age did you introduce rice cereal?
4 months

6) Did you put it in the bottle or just feed it with a spoon?
Spoon. I have heard or read that spoon feeding might be better because when you put it in the bottle, they suck it down so fast and don't realize when they are full, so they overeat. Spoon feeding forces them to slow down a little.

7) Did it help your child sleep through the night?

8) How old was your child when he/she finally slept through the night?
4 months

9) What was the times? from _10 or 11____ to __5 or 6____
but most mornings, they go back down for another two or three hours.

10) How old was your child when you could put her in a Bumbo? If you had one.
I've put them in a couple times recently, but they still don't have great head control, so it's only for a few minutes.

11) When did he first smile/laugh (not gas related)?
Between two and three months

12) Did your child have reflux?
In the hospital, yes. Eli's milk would come out his mouth and nose. It was so scary and terrible to watch. He was so tiny and fragile and I ended up in tears most times when it would happen. Since we've been home, no reflux problems whatsoever.

13) Did you have medicine for reflux? Did it help?
Yes and Yes

14) When did the reflux stop?
before we left the hospital at four weeks

Hope that helps a little!

We got to go visit Crystal and her sweet boys when we were in Iraan last and here are pictures of all the boys. (Nobody is holding their own baby in the pic)

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