Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Mother Load!!!

Today, as we all know, we celebrate motherhood, and why not? We celebrate everything else in this country… Flag day, Washington’s birthday, Columbus day, and even a few holidays like Easter and Christmas rooted in pagan traditions. But all joking aside, I think this is one of the best days we observe. The time, effort, work, dedication, and organization it takes to wear the name mother seems to be immeasurable. Seeing my wife in action day after day taking on the challenges of motherhood, I now have a better picture of just how important of a job it is and how draining it can be. After just a few hours alone with the boys I start to wonder, “When is Amy getting home?” Sometimes I’ll even ask the boys hoping they might give the answer as they are whining or crying. Yet she does it day in and day out, and I couldn’t imagine anyone doing a better job.

And then I think about my own dear ol’ mom raising me and my three siblings, who were anything but easy to raise. However, she did raise us in love, and if you ask me, she did a pretty good job. And then I think of my mother-in-law who has taken me as if I were one of her own and how the wonderful job my wife is doing with our two sons is a tribute to my mother-in-law’s dedication to being a mother. And still today our mothers would do anything at the drop of hat for us or any of their kids. These two women are the most tenderhearted, selfless people I know and there is no price that could be set for what they have accomplished as mothers. The most admirable quality of these three women is their love for God and their dedication in keeping their children within his flock. My boys are blessed to have such wonderful mothers in their lives.

Sorry Mom but this picture is too good not to put up!!!

That's one happy grand-baby!

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