Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Little Recap For You...

Since about 10:48 this morning, I have been trying to load the dishwasher. This is a seemingly quick and mindless task, but an hour has now passed and I have yet to accomplish this simple chore. Let me recap the last hour for you.

10:48 - I open the dishwasher and load 2 dishes.

(sounds of pages ripping)

I discover Eli and Landon ripping pages out of my cookbooks. Great.

Discipline...redirect...clean up mess.

10:55 - Unscrew tops of sippy cups and disconnect all parts.

(Sounds of running feet....Landon brings me a pair of open scissors.)

Eli and Landon have pulled out the dining room chairs, climbed up on the table, and dumped the contents of my sewing basket.

Discipline...redirect...clean up mess.

11:04 - Put sippy cups into dishwasher and rinse a bowl.

(Too quiet...bad sign)

Eli and Landon are on TOP of the couch. I'm not talking about on the seating part of the couch. I mean crawling on the very back of the couch (that isn't pushed up against a wall), teetering on the edge.


11:10 - Where was I? Oh yeah...silverware.

(I hear bells, which means they are in the cabinets in the living room)

Sure enough...the entire contents of six shelves have been removed.

Discipline...redirect....clean up.

11: 18 - Just a few more dishes to rinse.

(The hutch door opens...I run over with soapy hands)

Eli and Landon, in the 15 seconds it has taken me to get to them, have found a sharpie marker and removed the cap.

Discipline...redirect...move all sharpies to a higher location (who put them there anyway?).

11:23 - Forget the dishes...they must wait until naptime. These boys cannot be left alone.

We own half of Toy's R' Us. Why do these toys not interest us?


Kathi said...

laughing hysterically..... sorry Amy....that is the funniest thing ever. I love all the *redirecting*. I know, I know...not so funny to you...until you look back years from now and smile. I love you...

ENutter said...

oh my word! the running with scissors part really bothers me. now i know why you won't answer any of my texts. LoL

Crystal said...

sounds very familiar, as I type, all of my pots and pans are being drug around the house.

The Boyd Gang said...

I'm sure we could find some manly costumes for them to dress up in. Maybe that would keep the safely busy for a few minutes:)

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