Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The New Craze

Landon and Eli have been "leading singing" at church for several months now. By leading singing, I mean waving one arm in the air while we sing. It's pretty much adorable and catches the attention of everyone around us.

About a month ago, they started leading singing around the house. They find a book...any it, assume the correct arm position, and start singing and waving their arm around. It's just precious.

It's become our favorite activity. They spend a lot of time each day singing together or walking around the house leading singing.

If you watch the first video closely, you can also see them bow their heads to pray at different times.

These are seemingly small things, but they put a big smile on my face every single time I see them. It's amazing to me how much they can learn at such a young age. It's also a constant reminder of how careful I need to be with my words and actions, as I have four little eyes on me at all times just soaking it all in.


ENutter said...

first, i'm pretty sure he mocked a pitch pipe too. second, i LOVE their UNC Charlotte shirts. third, HILARIOUS!!

The Jones' said...

Amy, I know wht you mean! Ty loves to lead singing. He wishes he could lead the 3 times a week instead of just on Boy's Night! His favorites right now are Blue Skies and Rainbows, Go Tell It On the Mountain, and Power in the Blood. Last night, as I watched him lead Power in the Blood, I was so overcome with JOY! The tears did roll! It's a beautiful thing to see your children follow in His footsteps!

Erin Crista said...

Your boys are SO cute Amy! I love their singing!!!

Sarah Mengers said...

So Cute!!!

Kristin said...

Amy- That was too cute. It is amazing how much they learn at such a young age. Reef doesn't do the singing thing yet but he does bow his head to pray. And he yells out "Bible" when he sees any book. Oh and last Sunday some of the men said "Amen" during the lesson and Reef yelled out "Amen" as well. I guess he agreed with them.

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