Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter Part One

Last weekend, the boys and I went to visit my family in McKinney. Mom's neighborhood was having an egg hunt on Saturday, so we took to boys and Madison to hunt eggs and get their picture with the Easter Bunny. The bad news is that I left my memory card for my camera in my computer, so I could only take a few pictures without it.

Landon really loved meeting the Easter Bunny!

Easter Part Two

We were able to go to Iraan this weekend for the big Easter Bash. We hung out with family, ate delicious food, played outside all day long, and had way too much candy. I remembered my memory card this time, so there are way too many pictures.

Eli and Landon spent most of the day Saturday playing outside with Penny and Annie. 

All the family got there late Saturday afternoon for the egg dying, egg hunting, and meal.

(this picture is for you, Eva)

We don't quite have the attention span needed for egg hunting. Landon would find one egg and just want to sit down with it. With a lot of encouragement and coaching, we managed to almost fill our baskets.

Uncle Kevin helped the boys blow bubbles.

Landon didn't bother unwrapping his candy. He just sucked it right out.

And then gave his leftovers to the dog.

Eli and Landon got a new tool set from Papa and Nemo. Much to everyone else's dismay, they proceeded to hammer everything in sight: people, dogs, cars, metal furniture...

The boys flew kites with dad.

...and "rode" the 4-wheeler with Uncle Kevin

...and hung out with D'Laney (who had recently found Nemo's makeup)

I love these next three pictures of Dustin and D'Laney. She is such a sweetheart. I guess they were really chatting out there.

A few pictures from Sunday:

In all the commotion, I didn't even give the boys their baskets this morning, so they got them tonight when we got home.

We're back home now and Lance is with us for the week. It's been so long since he's stayed with us, so we should have a lot of fun. Hope you all had a fun-filled weekend.

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