Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Half-Birthday!

I take half-birthdays seriously around here. I don't think that we should just get to celebrate Eli and Landon once a year, so tonight we're having a small family party (as in just the four of us...which is so different from every other night.) We're cooking out, having strawberry shortcake, and spending the evening outside.

Well, that's what we would do if we hadn't been struck by the nasty stomach bug that is going around.  But with things as they are...we'll probably just eat something bland and do more laying around, rocking, and cuddling.

This is where Eli and Landon stayed all day yesterday. It worked best for us because we have tons of their blankets and I could easily clean up and switch out blankets as they were thrown up on through out the day. They didn't even try to get up all day. It was so hard to watch them so sick.

Today, we have stopped throwing up/having explosive diapers, so they graduated to the couch and the chair, but they are just as lethargic as yesterday.

In honor of Eli and Landon's half birthday today...I started looking back through pictures (as I so frequently do). It is so amazing how much they have changed along the way, so here is a quick peek at their short lifetime in pictures.

Newborn -

One Month -

Two Months -

Three Months -

Four Months -

Five Months -

Six Months -

Seven Months -

Eight Months -

Nine Months -

Ten Months -

Eleven Months -

Twelve Months -

Thirteen Months -

Fourteen Months -

Fifteen Months -

Sixteen Months -

Seventeen Months -

Eighteen Months -

The best 18 months of my life!


miss amy said...

those poor boys...they look pitiful! hugs from me. i loved the pic timeline...can't believe how big they are!

miss amy said...
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Kathi said...

love the timeline. It puts everything into perspective to see how far they've come. What beautiful boys..... Boys can be beautiful you know..!!!

love you all...

Linz said...

Love the pictures! Hope they feel better soon!

Matt Hall said...

Poor guys, I don't look forward to the first time the boys get sick.

The month by month pictures are great, amazing how fast they grow and how much they change!

ENutter said...

i LOVE this post! i'm gonna have to be honest though... they look a little rough in those 2 month old pics. LoL

Starkye said...

Blessings, indeed!

ENutter said...

today happens to be my half-birthday, and i know you take them very seriously, so... what'd you get me?

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