Monday, April 19, 2010

I went grocery shopping tonight.


Notice anything about my groceries:

I had no idea I was picking up two of everything.

Apparently I think everything should come in twos. 

I'm seeking help for this problem.
It might have something to do with these two:

They like to roll around on the kitchen floor while I'm trying to cook or clean.

They are so helpful.

And they think they are so funny.

And they are...

When they are wearing swimming shoes, a t-shirt, and no pants.

And Oh.My.Goodness are these boys cute.

Telling secrets...

So sweet!


Jami said...

That's funny about the groceries being in twos, but it wasn't the first thing I noticed. I first saw that your eggs weren't broken, you had a full gallon of milk and no cans were dented. :-) Sorry, just couldn't resist!

Love ya!

Mom said...

Your buying habits might be a throw-over from your childhood.

love all the pics...and yes....they are the sweetest...!!!
telling secrets.....laughing... I'm afraid they will do a lot of that.
love you all

ENutter said...

i really love all the pictures. but, seriously, seeing them in their UNCC T-shirts MAKES MY MILLENIUM!!

Sarah Mengers said...

THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! I LOVE their clothes, you always have them dressed so cute!!

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