Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas #3

Last weekend, we traveled to McKinney for one last Christmas celebration. It was such a fun weekend! We ate a delicious meal and watched the Cotton Bowl Friday night (I know...not much fun watching them lose, but at least we made it!). Saturday, Dustin let me shop ALL day with my mom and Kristin. It was wonderful! Saturday night, the adults went out for steak to celebrate my birthday. And then Sunday, we worshipped that morning and almost got stuck in Dallas when the snow and ice hit. Thankfully, the worst of it was in McKinney, so once we got a little west, it was pretty clear.

I'm not a good passenger in inclement weather. Dustin will attest to that.

I'm really not that great of a passenger in sunny weather either. I can't help myself. I worry a little.

So..onto the pictures:

We opened up gifts during half-time of the Cotton Bowl

Eli and Landon really have the hang of this "present" thing by this point in time.

I didn't bother editing out the red eye...that's how lazy I am today.

The boys' biggest gift from Grammy and Grandpa was a train table. They were really excited about it...until they couldn't get it out of the box. So we FINALLY set it up last night and they have been playing with it all day today.

They were, of course, very helpful in the assembly process.

A jack-hammer is a required tool for all train table assemblies I'm quite certain.

With Eli and Landon's help, it only took five times longer than it should have, but we finally got it done.

What a very merry Christmas we had this year! Thank you mom and Mike...we had a wonderful weekend!


Kathi said...

lost the post Amy.... Glad the boys like the train set. I hope it keeps their attention. smiling... How's the potty training coming? love you all....

Kathi said...

We loved having you here and sorry you had to leave so abruptly. You'll have to come back for another shopping day. That was great fun...!!!!

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