Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Harper Update

I went back to Dr. Atkinson yesterday to check on Harper and it was SUCH an encouraging appointment.

My prayers have really been focused on her growth lately. Our fears are that if there is an issue with the placenta that is causing the growth problems, there will come a point in time that the doctors will have to decide to go ahead and take her because she'll have a better chance of growing outside rather than inside. We've done the prematurity thing before and it's not something I want to experience again. Plus, a premature baby combined with a heart defect is not a good situation. At our last appointment, Harper's measurements put her weighing about 1 lb, 6 oz, in the 13th percentile, and about 10 days behind in growth. Even though she had grown and her growth curve was looking normal, there was still some concern that she was falling further behind.

When they measured Harper yesterday, she came out to 1 lb, 14 oz. and in the 18th percentile. She had completely normal growth and everyone was very happy with this. We're headed in the right direction and I am so, so thankful! Maybe it's all that peppermint ice cream I've been eating :)

Dr. Atkinson looked at her heart and was impressed that the right side of her heart is still continuing to grow. He even thinks he can see the Tricuspid valve now, so I'm really anxious to go back to the pediatric cardiologist next week and see what he has to say now that she's a little bigger. He also looked at all blood flow throughout her body and everything looked normal and good.

I'll see Dr. Atkinson every week from here on out. And I'll be monitored once a week here in Snyder on top of that. It seems just a little excessive to me, but I have to remember that without all of the constant monitoring, we might not have Eli and Landon today. We caught things at the exact time that they were quickly deteriorating with the boys and we delivered the next morning.

It's actually my hope and prayer that all of this excessive monitoring is just that: excessive and unneeded. Hopefully we won't have any problems and we can make it as close to 40 weeks as possible. We need Harper to be as big and strong as possible!

Thank you for checking on us. We praise God for a good report once again!


Elizabeth said...

can't wait to meet her, but i hope it's later rather than sooner! so glad she's growing!! still in my prayers!

Ophelia said...

Hi Amy thanks again for your update. Thanks to the Lord and to all our continued prayers that Harper is growing. You, Harper and Dustin is ALWAYS in my prayers very esp when I m in Church on Sunday and Harper and You are top of my prayer list. Remember me? You stopped by my blog & left a comment on it last Nov/Dec. Always known that everyone in your family, yr frens and Followers are praying real hard for Harper. Take care. God bless.

Crystal said...

Glad to hear the great news and we will continue to pray for baby Harper.

Anonymous said...

oh no! i forgot to ask you about the potty training! i shall call you and stalk you some more right now. SLIZABETH

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