Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blogging Resolution

I feel like I need to reintroduce myself. I'm Amy. I hate cheese unless it is melted and even so, never on a sandwich or burger. Some might say I am short, but I am really average height - I just happen to be surrounded by really tall people most of the time. I am a Capricorn, I LOVE to play games, I am a mom to identical twin boys, and I used to be pretty good about recording little details of our life here to share with friends and family.

I don't know what happened. One day I just put it off until tomorrow and then before I knew it...three weeks had passed. So, I'm going to try and turn over a new blogging leaf. I love having this outlet to share pictures and stories of Eli and Landon with our family and friends. I love how it keeps me connected and makes me feel less isolated. I love how it makes me take more pictures because, let's be honest...what is a blog post without pictures? And I love how I can print this off one day and have a record of what life was like this first year and the years to come. So here's to blogging at least once or twice a week... or at least trying.

Life is good. We had a rough couple of weeks, but we've recovered and I think we are getting back to our normal, happy selves. Sometimes it's hard for me to realize that certain behaviors are just a stage. It's my tendency to completely blow things out of proportion and come to the conclusion that my baby will NEVER sleep again, or he will NEVER stop screaming before bed, or he will NEVER eat like he used to. I'm not sure what makes babies wake up screaming every two hours for just two weeks and then all of a sudden they are sleeping through the night again. I'm not sure what makes them love certain foods and then one day just decide they don't like them. And I don't know why they are so independent, but for about three weeks want nothing but to be held. I DO know that as soon as the thought pops in my head that things are going smoothly and I'm really getting the hang of things...they change things up to make sure I don't get too comfortable.

I love the way they change though. I love the progress I see on a daily basis with physical growth, mobility, communication, and the way they learn about their environment. I love the way their personalities are so apparent and so opposite. And I love the way they spend most of their days laughing together.

*Eli and Landon are 10 months old.

*They are standing on their own and Landon has taken a few steps the last couple of days.

*They are eating everything we are and I have started having to buy them their own kid's meal to share when we go out to eat because they eat so much! I was just sharing with them off of my plate, but then I was noticing that I was still hungry when we left, so now they get their own meal and we are all happier :)

*They each have six teeth - four on top and two on bottom. If baby teeth are any indication of things to come...I'm pretty sure braces are in our future.

*They.are.in.to.everything! They cannot be left alone for any amount of time or it could result in a crisis situation. I think Comet and the toilet brush top the list of disgusting things that have gone in their mouths.

*They have started giving each other kisses. It's pretty sweet - and kind of disgusting. Their faces end up covered in each other's slobber, but what's new?

Okay....now for some pictures and then I have to go. I'm totally sacrificing my shower time right now.

10 Months Old

Helping me cook dinner for a family who just had a baby.
Eli snacking on Landon's toes

Family picture at a wedding recentlyThis is what happens when I try to sit them down for a picture.
We are very independent with our food these days and not interested in anything that has to be spoon fed. This results in sweeping and mopping twice a day and daily baths.

Grammy was in Lubbock for work, so she came down to see us.


Amy Holifield said...

My, how they've grown!!! Can't wait to see y'all this weekend!

Linz said...

I remember when I saw these sweet babies in the NICU. I wish I could have met you too! They have grown SO much and get cuter by the day!

Sarah Mengers said...

They are so cute!! I really wish yall could come see us back here in Good Old College Station!! Do yall remember how to get here?? HAHA JK :) They have grown so much and I am sure everything they do is just adorable!! I hope all is well and continues to be!!


ENutter said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I want to see you all! I love, love, LOVE the first picture. I also love that they're giving each other kisses! LoL. How CUTE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Judging by the pictures, you're a busy girl, but I know you're so happy and I'm happy for you!

Crystal said...

Soooo Cute! Love the new pictures and the new commitment to blogging. I always look forward to reading your blog. Here is the web address to a place where you can have your blog turned into a book. www.blog2print.com I plan on having ours printed when the boys turn one.

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