Monday, August 31, 2009


My wonderful husband let me get away this past weekend to spend a couple of days with some of my best friends - all. by. myself.

The past...oh...two months, I have really been feeling the effects of mommy-hood. I was easily frustrated, easily brought to tears, impatient, and just altogether not the mommy I want to be. I knew I needed a break and thankfully my husband realized it too.

So I made all the preparations to be gone for two days. I ironed, swept, mopped, cooked, washed, shopped, packed, made lists, organized, and just did as much as I could to make sure Dustin would have the easiest time possible without me.

I SO looked forward to my little get away! I just couldn't wait to have a little time to myself to do anything but listen to crying babies, change diapers, give baths, read children's books, sing kid's songs, prepare meals, do laundry, and wash bottles.

So when Dustin got home Friday afternoon, my bags were packed, the car was loaded, and everything was in it's place at the house for a smooth weekend. But I couldn't walk out the door. I have spent 324 straight days with these precious babies and as crazy as they have made me lately...I just didn't think I could leave them. Dustin hesitantly convinced me to go, so through many tears, I said goodbye to my three loves and I walked out the door.

I cried for the first hour.

Then I plugged in my ipod, got a Dr. Pepper, and committed myself to enjoying every single second of this gift that Dustin gave me.

And I did.

I had the very best time. I went to San Marcus where Eva, my very dear friend, was moving in this past weekend. I got there just in time to carry a couch cushion upstairs - the very last item in the Uhaul...good timing if I do say so myself. Over the next 2.5 days...we did a lot of unpacking, a lot of eating, a lot of shopping, a lot of talking, and a LOT of laughing. I also got to spend a lot of time with Kathryn and her husband Andy, which was great!

And when it came time to say good-bye, I did a little more crying. It's hard to live so far from people you care about so much.

But I got in my car, plugged in my ipod, got a Dr. Pepper, and drove as fast as I could to the three men waiting on me back home. I just couldn't wait to hold my sweet babies as close as possible and to be back home with Dustin, where I belong.

And now...I'm listening to babies cry, changing diapers, giving baths, reading children's books, singing kid's songs, preparing meals, doing laundry, and washing bottles...with a huge smile on my face, because really....this is all I've ever wanted to do. It's just that even mommies need a break sometimes.

*A huge thank-you to Neva and Lance who came here for the weekend to help Dustin. I wouldn't have been able to enjoy myself nearly as much without the comfort of knowing you were here.


Amy Holifield said...

I'm so glad you were able to get away, it definitely makes you a better mom! Are y'all going to get to go to Iraan this weekend?

Crystal said...

Sometimes you just need that. I reluctantly left my boys for Chris's awards ceremony and cried the first hour of our trip, but when we came back the boys were happy to see me and I felt like a new woman. It's amazing what one night of sleeping past 6 am will do for you. Now...get back to work:)

Starkye said...

You, Dustin, and the boys are such blessings to Rick and me! Thanks for sharing!

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