Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I just want to jot down a few things about the boys that I don't want to forget.

*We started regular milk yesterday and they really like it. I'm pretty sure it upset their tummies though.

*A couple of weeks ago, both Eli and Landon decided they wanted nothing to do with their pacifiers anymore. That was easy!

*We have been "practicing" drinking out of sippy cups for quite some time and I think we finally got the hang of it. I'm hoping to be done with bottles by their birthday.

*Landon has discovered the word "uh-oh" and says it constantly. He's also discovered the drop your cup and mom will pick it up game which gives him ample opportunity to practice his new found vocabulary. Sorry the dork taking this video turned the camera sideways when she knows it can't be rotated.

*Eli climbs on EVERYTHING. He can almost climb out of his pack n' play, he has climbed up onto my suitcase, he tries to climb on the highchairs, etc... He just hikes that leg up and sees where it can take him.

*We are finally learning the meaning of "no." This could not come soon enough for this momma. I was beginning to think they would never get it.

*Landon has picked up the very bad habit of throwing fits. Their personalities have sort of flip-flopped the last month and Eli has been my easy-going, happy baby while Landon has been a little more moody and whiny. He is very into getting his way these days.

I think that's it for now. They change so quickly and I want to remember the little things.


ENutter said...

do i hear a southern drawl already??????

The Boyd Gang said...

I bet it is so much fun getting to watch two babies grow and change before your eyes. You better write everything down because you will NOT remember it in a year or so. My memory of Zoey and Maddie is such a blur. Sad, I know but it happens. Hope to see you all next weekend.

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